'Teen Wolf' Recap: Can Stiles Be Saved?
'Teen Wolf' Recap: Can Stiles Be Saved?
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
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This week on Teen Wolf Horror Story: Aslyum, Stiles ends up having a much sexier time in Eichen House than is usually enjoyed at mental hospitals. Argent gets sassed by his boss, while Scott and friends Scooby Gang together to rob federal evidence. Those crazy kids!

This is one pitch-dark episode of Teen Wolf. From the mental asylum setting to the unsettling and dreamlike directing and editing, it's an episode meant to creep you out and put you on edge. Well, mission accomplished, Teen Wolf. I'm not going to be sleeping well tonight, imagining Toilet Paper Face taking a drill to my head with his gold grill. 

The second half of season 3 has really been ramping up the horror aspect of the show. It's always been good at giving creepier thrills, much creepier than you'd expect given the name, but this season so many of the chills are also psychological. 

Season 3B is Dylan O'Brien's and he is seriously killing it in every scene. Teen Wolf might not have known when they first cast him that the show was getting such a gifted and versatile actor, but they certainly know now. 

This whole nogistune storyline is an excuse to give O'Brien some really meaty dramatic material to sink his teeth into. (Wolfy pun very much intended.) So far, it's paying off in spades for both O'Brien and the audience. Who knew our skinny, defenseless little Stiles could be so terrifying? 

Scotty's Bunch

Scott and pals really need some kind of catchy nickname beleaguered recappers can use to refer to the whole bunch. Can the pack just sit down and come up with a cool name for the gang? For right now, I will christen them Scotty's Bunch until I can come up with a better name. (The Scott Team? Scott's Heroes? The Pack Formerly Known As Derek Hale's?) 

Anyway, Deaton is working hard on a cure for Stiles. And by working hard, I mean sitting in front of a bunch of motivational cat posters and telling Scott to go figure it out. "So that stuff you injected him with, he's cured now, right?" Scott asks. 

"Oh, about that. No. No, he's not. But hey, if you find me an ancient Japanese scroll, I might be able to help you. Also, pick up some Chinese food on the way back from holding up a federal armored truck. Deaton's gotta eat!"

In jail, Argent and Derek Hale are bonding about the one subject both are intimately familiar with: murder. Unfortunately, they're being kept in different cells so they can't high five and really cement their bro-ship. Derek uses his super hearing to find out the case files for the death of Silver Finger are heading to the feds. 

In a gathering of Scotty's Bunch, which apparently now includes the twins but not poor possibly dead Isaac, they decide to rob the armored truck carrying the Silver Finger files. (I keep going to type Little Finger because I watched some Game of Thrones recently. If Beacon Hills was like Westeros, my bet would be on Allison to take the Iron Throne.) 

Allison is pretty sure she's seen a scroll before, but she's a bit mum on the details. The twins are highly skeptical of robbing an armored car, but Allison and Scott just look at each other and laugh because pulling elaborate heists was at least half the basis of their relationship. "Calm down, beefcakes, this ain't no thang." 

Soon, Kira shows up and shows off some seriously cool ninja sword moves. Scott, impressed and turned on, immediately lets her into the club. Unfortunately, werewolf Kincaid is already at the armored truck to get Silver Finger's silver finger. Bummer!

After a lengthy fight sequence, they get the finger and Scott forces the twins not to kill Kincaid. Scott brings the scroll back to Deaton, who says he's not really good at reading Japanese. "Oh, I'm glad I almost died retrieving this Japanese scroll then. It never occurred to you a Japanese scroll about a Japanese mystical figure would be in Japanese?" 

However, Deaton does manage to read that they'll have to change Stiles' body in order to get rid of the nogistune. Apparently, the best way to rid yourself of a nogistune is with some gym, tanning, laundry. Scott is shocked, since he figures out the best way to change Stiles is by turning him into a werewolf. Ruh-roh! 

Stiles, Interrupted

A huge bulk of the episode takes place in Eichen House, a mental hospital Stilinski checks Stiles into. The camera work throughout the whole mental hospital section is unsettling. There are random blurs and zooms, pretty much anything to make things look more dreamlike and to make the audience question what's real and what isn't. The director does a great job of making the action at Eichen House truly uncomfortable and creepy. 

After an emotional Stilinski family scene where Papa S. almost changes his mind, Stiles becomes a resident for at least 72 hours. He meets his new roommate named Oliver, and I immediately distrust him because I remember The O.C. 

He also bumps into Malia, the werecoyote (and Peter Hale's daughter?) from earlier this season. Malia is not too happy to see Stiles and immediately punches him in the face. Ouch! 

All of the residents of Eichen House look tired and drained and ragged. Meanwhile, Malia has perfect, loose, beachy waves and spot-on natural makeup. I'm choosing to believe being preternaturally attractive is just a werewolf quality. Either that or Malia is Stiles' Dorian Gray reflection, and as his hair gets worse, hers gets better.

After the fight with Malia, Stiles goes in for a special session with the Beacon Hills guidance counselor Ms. Morrell, who apparently moonlights as a counselor at Eichen House. She's a high school guidance counselor, a counselor at the local mental hospital, a French teacher and a druid emissary. What can't she do? 

She offers him amphetamines to keep him awake and tells him once the rash on his neck and back disappear he'll be lost to the nogistune. And when that happens, she'll have to put him down. Good pep talk! 

Unfortunately, an attempt to get into the basement ends up with Stiles locked in a padded room pumped full of sedatives. This leads to a truly horrifying dream of ol' Toilet Paper Face tormenting a terrified Stiles stuck in a locker. While Stiles demands to be let out, Toilet Paper wants Stiles to let him in. "The downside is you'll end up with razor teeth, but the upside is that they're gold! Think about the price of gold, Stiles. We'll be rich!" 

Malia breaks Stiles out of the padded room and together they make it down to the basement. It's where that backwards five symbol (for self) appears. It's also a basement where a lot of horrifying stuff used to happen, including drilling into people's heads. 

But today, a different kind of drilling is about to happen, if you know what I mean. I mean sex stuff. Malia and Stiles get sexy in the least sexy place of all time. Only Stiles would finally get lucky in a mental hospital. 

After breaking through the wall and finding the former body of the nogistune, Stiles finds a picture that gives him a big clue. Unfortunately, before he can get out of there, Oliver zaps him and tries to drill into everyone's brain. It was the handiwork of the nogistune, who can apparently torment more than just Stiles in "Echo House." 

To save Malia from getting a drill to the face, Stiles finally gives up and lets the nogistune in. This cannot be good for the gang's chances at saving Stiles. He's full-on evil now, with the smirk to prove it.

As the episode ends, Malia and her perfect hair walk out of the mental hospital (you can just do that?) and into the sunshine, ready to find Scott and help save Stiles. But will the gang be able to save him in time?

The Shirtlessness Count

Despite the fact that Stiles finally swiped his v-card, he still wasn't shown shirtless. The show is just trolling fans at this point, aren't they?

The Count: Malia in the shower and Malia during the mental hospital hookup.

Best Pecks of the Episode: I really need a better title for when this goes to a lady. Anyway, Malia wins hands-down. She has no competition, but she'd probably win anyway just based on her perfect hair. 

Elsewhere Around Beacon Hills...

-- Poor Malia has been through so much already, does she really have to find out grade-A jerk face Peter Hale is her father? 

-- Somewhere around Beacon Hills wanders Coach, snarking and complaining, with an arrow sticking out of his gut. 

-- Speaking of people who got very injured last week, there is zero mention of Isaac. Is he okay? Did Allison bring him chicken noodle soup and tuck him in and swaddle him with scarves and tell him everything was going to be okay? Is it weird I'm so protective of Isaac? He's Teen Wolf's littlest kicked puppy and I just want everything to be okay for him. 

-- Argent has an awkward conversation with the woman who tortured Derek and Peter. Apparently, being bros with all the werewolves in town is not sitting well with the Hunter's Council or whatever.

What did you think of the episode? Are you loving dark Stiles? Can he be saved? Sound off in the comments!

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