'Teen Wolf' Recap: A Bank Heist Gone Wrong
'Teen Wolf' Recap: A Bank Heist Gone Wrong
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
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This week on Teen Wolf, the werewolf gang (plus Stiles) form an impromptu Ocean's 11-type gang in order to mount a rescue attempt to save Erica and Boyd. In typical bank heist fashion, it does not go according to plan. Derek might be charismatic, but he's no George Clooney.

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Elsewhere, Allison obsesses over the bruises on her arm, while Lydia obsesses over the straight square-jawed twin. Scott weighs risk and reward and shows off the smarts he managed to acquire over the summer, while Stiles and Peter Hale braid friendship bracelets for each other. 

And Isaac continues his terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day by being dunked into an ice water bath until he almost dies. Yet Derek still wonders why Isaac likes Scott more than him. 

If the premiere got the season off to a bang, this episode continues driving the momentum forward. The episode starts minutes after last week's installment, with Allison and Lydia on a mission to show off their weird bruise pattern to Scott. 

But despite the non-stop action and the continued Isaac torture (seriously, I really hope Derek takes him out for a sundae after this. There are absolutely zero perks to being in the Hale wolf pack. Zero!), the episode still manages to open some new story avenues. 

Most important, in the midst of all the drama and tension, Teen Wolf continues to show off its mastery of blending action and humor. Much of this comes from pairing Stiles with unlikely allies like the stoic Derek or the sassy Peter Hale.

Speaking of Peter Hale, our favorite sass-master is back this week and better than ever. After two seasons of Peter Hale trying to kill or mess with our main characters, the show now has the benefit of pairing him with the gang in a less villainous role. Since Peter is always pushing people's buttons, he's always a fun character to bring into the mix, especially when pairing him with Stiles. 

Isaac Needs a Vacation

While Scott and Stiles are doing normal teen stuff and going to a party, Isaac is getting alpha nails shoved into the back of his neck. "This wolf thing is starting to feel like kind of a raw deal," Isaac thinks sadly. He doesn't even realize he'll soon be taking a trip to the luxurious "ice baths of death" resort and spa.

Derek is trying to find where Boyd and Erica are, and the only one they can turn to is Peter Hale. There's a great moment where Isaac wonders why they can't just ask Scott for help, because of how his secret heart yearns to be Scott's bro instead of Derek's. Derek actually looks hurt that Isaac doesn't trust him most of all. 

I know I keep harping on this, but Derek has a wolf pack of three people and two of them are kidnapped. His one remaining wolf has been maimed at least 20 times in these last two episodes. If I was looking for a wolf pack to join, Derek's would be way down the list. 

Peter uses his claws to see not much at all, besides the fact that Boyd and Erica might not have all that much time left. "Whew! So I guess getting huge nails shoved into the back of my neck means I can take a break now right? Get in a nap, find out what the Kardashians are up to?" 

No worries, because boy does Derek have a spa package for you! It's all the rage! They're called "ice baths" and you've never been so relaxed. In fact, you'll be so relaxed your heart might even forget to keep beating! Didn't you read about it on GOOP? "FML," Isaac's sad little face accurately replies. 

The vet's ice bath turns out to be a good idea, as they finally figure out Boyd and Erica are being held in a bank. But bad news: it seems like Erica might be dead. Derek has a hard time hearing this, as he feels responsible for his charges. But it gets worse, because it looks like on the full moon tomorrow, Boyd and whatever female wolf is chained up with him are going to square off to the death. 

I'm actually very sad if this really is Erica's swan song. She was intriguing and it felt like we had just started to scratch the surface of her character. There isn't a close-up, but the creepy blonde body Allison sees in the closet seems a good indication Erica might really and truly be dead, which is a missed opportunity. It felt like we were far from done with that character.

The Werewolf Ocean's 11

Since Boyd and the mysterious lady werewolf are in a bank vault, this can only mean one thing: bank heist! The group gets all Ocean's 11, except for how there are only four of them and neither Stiles nor Peter are going along for the trip. So it's more like "Hale's Two," which doesn't really have the same ring. 

Thanks to the Internet and a night of Homeland-esque connecting things with red string, they form a plan to use an old bank heist tunnel to break into the bank. There are many funny parts of this story, most of which involve Stiles annoying the Hales. 

But the funniest is how Allison, with no knowledge of this elaborate plan, just snaps the chain and walks right in. All that research and they could have just bought a bolt cutter and called it a day.

Once inside, Allison stumbles upon the guidance counselor, who advises her to hide in the closet and not to come out until she hears fighting. Yet later, the counselor helps the alpha pack (and seems rather chummy with them) by locking Derek and Scott in with mountain ash. What's her deal? What side is she really on?

Meanwhile, Stiles and Peter have a conversation about where werewolves stay when they're not half-burnt in a ditch somewhere. Considering Derek spends most of his time hanging out in the Hale Kentucky Fried Mansion of Sadness and Shirtless Push-ups, I think Stiles can be forgiven for not assuming Peter has a swanky downtown pad. 

But this leads to the realization that Boyd and the girl are being kept in the vault because it's lined with a mineral that disperses moonlight. This means they haven't wolfed out in months, and all that pent-up aggression is about to be unleashed on their captors. Derek is shocked to learn that the girl is none other than his younger sister Cora, while Allison breaks the seal to save Scott, letting the two werewolves free to wreck havoc. Whoops?

This makes Derek so angry he finally bursts out with the ultimate "yo mama" put-down, forcing Scott to tell Allison her mom was bitten while trying to kill Scott. Things are about to get really awkward.

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Risk and Reward 

Meanwhile, Scott's book learning has been really paying off. Coach, having chugged one less energy drink than usual, looks like he could practically cry when Scott gets the answer to the risk versus reward question right. Although, as usual it is Danny, my shining star, my special snowflake, who flips the quarter into the cup and scores himself free homework. 

Everyone is risking something this episode with very little reward, yet Scott seems to be the only one trying to weigh the options first. The show is obviously taking great pains to make Scott more than the lovable doofus he was in the first two seasons. 

This season, Scott is more thoughtful and strategic. He also knows many more vocabulary words. Scott McCall graduates! (Might be a little too soon to declare; I have a feeling he's about to start missing a ton of school again.) 

Never Try to Have Sex If You're in the Horror Genre

The episode opens with a birthday party for Stiles' childhood friend Heather, who is eager to swipe her v-card. This proves two things: 1.) Heather has an excellent taste in men because Dylan O'Brien gets cuter every second, and 2.) she has never seen a single horror movie in her entire life. The sexually promiscuous are always the first to go. That's like horror rule numero uno. 

Her friend, who might be the same amazing extra from Lydia's party last season, because her awesome is just on that level, is trying to tell her to calm down, but she's a girl on a mission. She's 17, for god's sake! You get any older before losing your virginity and they start making movies about you with Steve Carell. 

While Stiles runs upstairs to get a condom, the wine bottles attack her in the basement in a truly scary scene until she's snatched out the window. Yet when Stiles comes back down, there are no wine bottles smashed, and the window slowly closes. Was it all in Heather's mind? Who or what took Heather, and why? Are we about to get into some magical, witchy plots?

A better question might be: what is up with Lydia? She closes the episode with some serious sleep terrors, which is never a good sign when it comes to Lydia. 

The Shirtlessness Count

When it comes to showing skin, this is a very disappointing episode:

Shirtlessness Count: one freezing shirtless teen wolf.

Best Pecks of the Episode: Isaac, who performs a great feat of beefcake bravery by getting into that freezing tub shirtless. At least he wins something this episode. 

What did you think of the episode? What happened to Heather? What's going on with Lydia? Is Erica really dead? Will they find Cora and Boyd before they eat the whole town? Sound off in the comments!

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