'Switched at Birth' Recap: Wilke Comes Into the Picture
'Switched at Birth' Recap: Wilke Comes Into the Picture
Okay, Switched at Birth fans, it's time for your winter premier recap. Yes, it's true -- the show finally came back on tonight. Here's what you missed if you weren't able to grab some time on the couch.

On the Horizon of Awkwardness

Angelo, Bay and Regina all headed out for a night out at the fab jazz club only to find themselves surrounded by awkwardness. Totally expected, of course, because Regina is still raging mad at Angelo for leaving when she was so young. Bay actually made a confession of her lovey-dovey life with Emmett while Regina and Angelo totally butted heads regarding Regina's crazy-serious drinking problems.

Searching for Emmett Turns into Water Love with Wilke

Scary movies were Kathryn's way of trying to secure a bonding relationship with Daphne, who ultimately bailed so that she could go see handsome Emmett and his band make an incredibly music debut. Daphne went on to try to make her moves on Emmett with some private talk until Toby found her leaving the tent. They went on to have some of their own fun after Daphne spilled the beans (honestly, truthfully and with sincerity) about hating absolutely everyone (aside from Emmett, of course). Although it was extremely weird at first, Daphne was pushed in the water by Toby, who followed suit by stripping off his clothes and joining her, which was freaking fantastic!

So, my question is will Daphne and Wilke maybe finally hook-up? She totally needs to take her mind off Emmett, whom she is trying to let go of, and if you ask me, Wilke seems like the perfect person to forget the past with especially when you consider their far-out chemistry.

Need Friendship Rebuilding Techniques? Just Ask Daphne and Bay... NOT! They have had their moments, both good and bad, and at the end of tonight's episode, the girls had a half-hearted discussion. Regardless, though, a solid friendship is light years away and I wouldn't start printing out slumber party invitations within the foreseeable future!

Team Daphne or Team Bay?

Daphne, despite trying to get over Emmett, still clearly has strong feelings for the boy and wants to act on them. But it is Bay who has dibs on him not Daphne. So, as a die-hard fan, it is your responsibility to determine whether you are Team Daphne or Team Bay...

Stacy Smith
Contributing Writer

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