'Switched at Birth' High Five: 'Dance Amongst Daggers'
'Switched at Birth' High Five: 'Dance Amongst Daggers'
Here's your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight's episode of 'Switched at Birth', "Dance Amongst Daggers."

Each week, Switched at Birth reminds more and more of The OC: the pool house, the fancy socialite parties, the gossip, the band playing in the background, the boy from the wrong side of the tracks. Even so, Switched at Birth lacks Josh Schwartz's timing and humor and I still wish that Seth Cohen in a Penguin polo shirt will show up, tell an awkward joke and mention the last band reviewed by Pitchfork before he leaves. I'd even settle for a text message from A.

This week, however, Switched at Birth showed heart. And it showed it in a unique way. Buried under the show's interesting-in-theory plot of two teenage girls switched at birth by the hospital and Marlee Matlin's presence (since one of those teenagers is deaf), this week, we watched a moment from the point of view of the Emmett character, also deaf. Emmett, much to the surprise of everyone, sits in on drums for Toby's band playing a gala hosted by Kathryn to raise money for whatever they were raising money for. The moment was so well done that I have hope for Switched at Birth. And if not, it's nice to see Austin Butler playing the third member of the band. I am glad he found work after Life Unexpected was cancelled.

High Five Highlights

5. You do know the difference between Switched at Birth and Separated at birth, don't you? The whole family's feeling the pressure of the gala now that their situation has spread around the neighborhood. She doesn't even look like you, says a high school girl to Bay showing that no one can understand the situation the Kennishes and Regina and Daphne are in.

4. Deaf Emmett? No, blind Emmett. Daphne is behind Emmett's drum playing rescue mission in the episode, suggesting to her (newfound) brother Toby that Emmett play when their drummer can't make the gala. Too bad that Daphne finds herself dancing in Liam's arms while Emmett is playing. Emmett is not too happy and while Daphne tells him to get over it, she eventually has to give up Liam for the good of the family, according to Regina.

3. Unbelievable, does the whole world love her? Bay, upset to hear about Daphne and Emmett but she's even more upset that Ryan Atwood/ Ty won't come to the party.

2. That's what this night is for. Katherine overhears women from the neighborhood gossiping about Daphne being John's illegitimate love child and Regina his secret lover. Well, yeah, if you watch the news or pick up a newspaper these days, you would think so, too. It doesn't help that Katherine catches what she is certain flirting between John and Marlee Matlin's character.

1. The whole Switched at Birth thing has been hard for me, too. The Switched at Birth thing has been hard on everyone. That's a give in as it is also the premise of the show. Only one person, though, uses it to pick up chicks. I'm glad that the writers decided to make Toby a little bit more extreme in this episode. (Well, more extreme than he was. Not extreme, like, Ryan Atwood but somewhere in between the younger brother on Gossip Girl or the guy who eventually ended up killing The OC's Marissa and then showing up in those Twilight movies.)


- Is it just me or did you think Emmett was going to lose it while playing drums and watching Daphne and Liam together? This is obviously Emmett's Alice Hole into that (very much hearing) lifestyle and how will that change the dynamics between Emmett and Daphne and Bay?

- Yo Marlee Matlin, how long are you going to be on the show? Are you a regular? Should we become attached to you and your character? Is it possible that you could stir things up with John because that's a way to get this show off the ground, too. (Even if it is ABC Family.)

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