'Switched at Birth' High Five: 'American Gothic'
'Switched at Birth' High Five: 'American Gothic'
Here's your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight's episode of Switched at Birth, "American Gothic."

After finding out they were accidently switched at birth, Daphne and Bay find themselves living a little too close for comfort. Fortunately, while their parents argue about the situation, they find solace in their budding relationships.

High Five Highlights:

5. Home Sweet Home: After finding out in the pilot that their parents are not biological, Daphne and Regina move conveniently into the guest house of Regina's biological daughter and Bay's adopted parents, Kathryn and John. (The OC's the Cohens would be proud.) The result is more like a full house than burgeoning family ties.

4. Family Values: Not surprisingly, the parental units at the Kennish house (and guest house) disagree about several things including whether deaf Daphne should drive or ride a motorcycle. Following a long line of traditional television family traditions, things come to a head at the dinner table and, like Toby says, "this can't end well." Is Toby talking about the living arrangement between the two families? Or the series as a whole?

3. Love Is in the Air ... For Bay: Bay turns to Ty after the family dinner goes bad and shares with him her love for graffiti, especially a Banksy type artist who she points out as her favorite. We can pretty much guess who it is as Ty stays quiet and later, after moving his jet black hair out of his face, makes a move on Bay.

2. Family Secrets: As Regina and Bay get to know one another, Bay learns that Regina is an alcoholic after finding her AA chips as she helps Regina pack. "This is why you can't take a drink," explains Regina. Meanwhile, Regina breaks it to Daphne that Kathryn and John don't think she should be able to drive.

1. Family Court: The Kennishes want to sue the hospital for the accidental switch up of the girls and their lawyer advises for one big lawsuit. Knowing Regina needs the money, Kathryn and John can't figure out why she is dead set against the idea.


- Will there be a lawsuit? Regina says no but Kathryn thinks she is hiding something.

- What's she hiding? And what other secrets will come out during the season?

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