VIDEO: 'Survivor' Preview: What the Challenge?
Ben Watson
Ben Watson
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
The fifth episode of Survivor: Nicaragua is almost here and if the preview for "Turf Wars" is any indication, the show we love is back!

Tonight's challenge could possibly be one of the craziest head scratchers in 21 seasons. In a season that has seen reward/immunity challenges come down to bean bags and blindfolds tonight's challenge comes out of left field, in the best way possible.

Also if there was any doubt of the tribal shake up tonight, worry no more. The tribes will be mixed up (hallelujah) and it's looking like the top-dogs may not be so safe.

This week I posted some of my ideas to fix Survivor: Nicaragua, but after watching this preview I don't think they need my advice at all. Let's hope that tonight's episode is as good as the edit in the preview. Here's to hoping this starts an upward trend of top notch episodes from here on out.

Take a look at the craziness and get pumped for tonight!

(Image courtesy of CBS)