Survivor: Tocantins - Season Premiere, Live Thoughts (Page 2/2)
Timbira arrives at camp a lot later, after sundown.  Sierra is still trying to build camp.  They return and Sierra has built a huge shelter for everyone.  They all like her.  Coach makes the obvious point that the tribe who walked to camp bonded along the way.  He agrees that Sierra is a nice girl, but that she's weak and needs to go.  Coach is all about survival of the strong.  We'll see how long that goes over well.

The shelter building is underway on day two in Jalapao.  The camps are near water.  JT is a little baffled by the ladies' lack of work ethic.  JT will be unimpressed with everyone's work ethic, being a farmer and all.  Sandy leaves camp to go try and find the idol.  She searches underneath a stick in the beach. She cries when she finds the next clue.  The clue tells her to walk ten paces. "What's a pace?"  Sandy - rocket scientist. 

Wild horses run in the wilderness.  Awesome.  Tyson goes with Sierra and another chick to go find water.  He gets naked before getting in the water.  He's a Mormon too, but he says he's not a typical Mormon.  He's kind of a funny guy, this Tyson.  Not what I expected, surely. 

Time for the first challenge of the season.  Six members of each tribe run across the beach, over sand hills and into the water to retrieve a raft.  In the raft are puzzle pieces and stairs.  They have to bring the puzzle pieces back to start, and the last two tribe members assemble the stairs and then any two tribe members have to work their way through a puzzle.  Whoever wins gets fire in the form of flint, plus they win immunity.  Big challenge. 

Everyone has to get to the raft before they unclip it.  At the raft, the teams are neck and neck.  Carolina is struggling, and Timbira start to gain a small lead.  Carolina and Sydney struggle for Jalapao.  120 degrees outside.  Yikes.  Timbira has a big lead at the staircase assembling, but it's still close.  Sandy is tyrannical for Jalapao, but effectively so.  Jalapao dominates the stair portion, now have a huge lead going into the table maze.  Sydney and Young Guy start the maze for Team Jal.  Erinn and Brendan are doing better on the maze than Jalapao.  Timbira has taken the lead.  And they win.  A choke from Jalapao. 

At Jalapao, the prevailing thought is to get rid of Sandy.  Carolina is getting on people's nerves.  Taj calls her out in front of her.  Taj is Eddie George's wife.  If you don't who that is, you're not a sports fan.  Carolina takes it well, and admits to the camera that Taj was right.  She knows she can get annoying.  Spencer doesn't think they should get rid of Sandy.  People are starting to consider Carolina, especially Joe and Spencer.  Joe doesn't like her bossiness. 

Carolina and Sandy have a moment.  Carolina apologizes for writing “Older Lady” down in that first vote.  Sandy makes a last ditch effort to find that idol.  On to tribal.  Did she find it?  We'll see, but I doubt it.  Jeff gets right to it – he talks about Sandy immediately being voted out.  The tribe was all a little upset that Sandy didn't do much at camp while they were trekking to camp.  Sandy rambles on for a long time.

“Sandy, are you a little crazy?”  “Oh, yeah, I'm a lot crazy.” 

Time for the vote.  My prediction: Goodbye Sandy. 

Carolina gets two of the first three votes.  And three of the first four.  Uh-oh.  And fifth and the sixth.  Carolina is gone.  Wow - already a surprising vote.  Goodbye, Carolina.  At least week get one more week of Sandy's big ball of crazy. 


-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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