Survivor: Tocantins - Episode 8 "The Dragon Slayer" Recap (Page 1/2)
The merge has come, which means that the real game has begun on Survivor.  The first part of the season really just acts as a way to introduce us to the major players of each Survivor season.  Survivor: Tocantins is no different.  Even though Jalapao entered the merge down two players, they aren't going to get picked off one by one.  There's too much unrest in the Timbiran tribe.  And, of course, there's that ultimate wild card in Benjamin "Coach" Wade, who has no problem mixing it up with his own tribe members.  Tonight also featured the very first individual immunity challenge, which are far, far better than tribal challenges.  What follows is a (hopefully) entertaining recap of the night's events.  Enjoy.

In the Previously On, my only thought is “Why the Eff would Tyson ever align himself with Coach?” 

Goodbye, Sydney, your comely visage will be missed. The night after the Jalapao tribal council, everyone appears to be in fine spirits except for Joe, who feels like the odd man out.  Well, because he is the odd man out. 

We see a shot of Coach doing what appears to be Tai Chi in the morning with “Carmina Burana” playing in the background.  Coach can't be serious.  “I need to get centered,” says Coach. After the centering, Coach says everything just clicked. He gives Debra and Erinn back-rubs.  Erinn likey the new Coach.  According to Brendan, Coach said he started the samurai hair thing.  Coach = Ass Clown.

Over at Jalapao, Joe's leg is looking nasty.  It's all swollen and he's still limping around. 

Tree Mail!  It looks like it will be a merge.  Or, the winner of the reward challenge gets a feast.  No one is sure.

“I get excited with anything that starts with an 'F'” says Taj.  That is funny.

It's the Merge!  Both tribes arrive at the feast and are informed they will be living at the original Timbira camp.  Coach gives a non-annoying toast. 

They discuss a new tribe name.  Coach suggests “Forza,” which means “strength” in Portuguese.  Everyone kind of likes it.  The Jalapao members are reticent to discuss the machinations of their former strategies. They don't like being outnumbered.

The new Forza tribe arrives at camp.  Their buffs are a nice green.  J.T. is not happy with their crappy shelter.  He wants to rebuild it immediately.  JT and Coach go fishing together.  Coach talks about how he loves fly fishing and “The Art of the Cast.”  Coach has a man crush on JT.  It's really adorable.  Coach talks to JT about the game – JT loves it.  JT knows that Brendan is in control and tells Coach that he's 95% sure Brendan has the idol.  Coach really wants to trust JT.  JT says one of his goals is to get everyone to hate each other. 

Coach pitches a possible four-person alliance with Stephen and JT to Tyson.  Tyson says they should add Debra to the alliance.  Tyson then goes to Stephen.  The Plan: knock Brendan out now.  This plays right into Jalapao's hands.