Survivor: Tocantins - Episode 7 "One of Those Coach Moments" Recap (Page 1/2)
No merge tonight on Survivor: Tocantins, but there was more than enough strategery among the tribes to make up for it.  Was tonight the night that Coach Benjamin Wade was finally put out of his misery and sent out to pasture?  Or, did Jalapao end up losing another immunity challenge?  The answers await you in this here recap of tonight's episode of Survivor: Tocantins.  It's been a long two weeks without a proper Survivor episode and, while I do love the NCAA Tourney, it's about time. 

Jalapao left with five tribe members, versus Timbira's six.  J.T. sums up the tribe's thoughts about losing Spencer – no remorse.   The next morning, Sydney is worried about being the next target for going home.  It'll either be her and Taj.  Joe Dowdle assures Sydney that she's safe, and that Taj is next on the block, and then looks at Sydney like a creepy old guy ogling a group of high school cheerleaders.  He even fesses up - “Yeah, I've got a thing for Sydney.”  Isn't Sydney in a pretty serious relationship? 

Coach and his Timbiran Tribe gather round the fire to eat beans.  He adds river water to the beans, pissing everyone off.  Then a storm rolls in and Coach abandons the beans.  Bean Drama!  Some beans got burnt, they don't taste good, and everyone is pissed off at Coach Benjamin Wade.  He strokes his hair in an evil manner.  Sierra delicately tells Coach that he effed up the beans, and Coach makes a huge deal about it.  What a d-bag.

Spirits appear fairly low at Jalapao.  Or, spirits are weird.  Taj is considering telling J.T. that she has the immunity idol.  Stephen thinks this is a bad idea, for mostly selfish reasons – he wants to be the feeder of information from Taj to J.T.  Or something.  Stephen doesn't like what Taj is cooking here.

Reward Challenge:

Each team has five minutes to build a barricade using poles in the other tribe's cube of a fortress.  After the five minutes, tribes have to pass ceramic pigs through the barricade to each other.  Whoever gets the most successful throws through the barricade in the allotted time gets the reward.  The winning tribe gets to spend a day at a waterfall where they will enjoy a BBQ.

Timbira gets into an easy rhythm early, but the J.T. to Sydney combo starts bearing fruit.  8-6 is the score about halfway through, Timbira still in the lead.  Jalapao ties it up 9-9 with three minutes left, then take the lead at 10-9.   Tied with 30 seconds left.  Timbira scores the winning pig as time runs out. 

They decide to send Joe to Exile Island.  He chooses Erinn to go with him.  Joe thinks he can work his charm on Erinn out on Exile, in the hopes to turn her in anticipation of the merge.  I think Joe overestimates his ability to charm. 

Timbira, sans Erinn, is enjoys the reward.  Burgers, all the fixins, beer – I'm hungry just watching this.  There will be much pooping in Timbira later in the evening.  Later, they get to swim near the waterfall and are allowed access to all manner of flotation devices, which look quite out of place in Brazil.