Survivor: Tocantins - Reunion Show, Live Thoughts
The winner of Survivor: Tocantins has been crowned (in a unanimous vote, no less).  If you missed the episode, you can find the recap right here:

Survivor: Tocantins - Season Finale, Live Thoughts

Now it's time for the reunion show, where everyone looks different, the women always wear too much make-up and all the contestants have to pretend like they totally get along.  However, the best part of the reunion show is always the reveal of the location for the show's next season. 

We begin the night by talking to J.T. and Stephen.  J.T. is, obviously, a great guy and everybody loves him.  Probst even admits that J.T. is one of the most (if not the most) well-liked contestants on Survivor.  J.T. admits that he was playing his "disappointment" with Stephen at that final tribal council.  Stephen is funny, gracious and not bitter at all about losing to J.T. 

Stephen admits that Coach was instrumental throughout the season, because he sort of had a man crush on J.T., and would tell him everything about Timbira's plans.  Taj admits that no, no one ever really considered voting J.T. off early in the game. 

Probst still has J.T.'s tooth.  That's kind of gross, Jeff.  He shows it to the camera.  He asks if J.T. wants it.  He says no, but his mom probably does.  So, we talk to J.T.'s mom, who's sitting in the front row.  She looks pretty frightened to be live on national television.

Probst tells Taj that he was completely wrong about her - he thought Taj was going to be unlikable and unable to survive all that well.  He also didn't think people would love her like they did.  Taj has a bunch of battle scars from her time on Survivor, she got destroyed by the bugs out there.  Probst goes into the audience to talk with Eddie George, the most bad ass Survivor spouse ever.  We get it - they're awesome and they love each other.

We get a feature on the enigmatic Utahan Tyson Apostol.  Probst asks about the reaction to him in the Mormon community.  So he is an out and out Mormon.  A weird guy.  And an arrogant one.  We talk to Sierra about how she was kind of hated for no apparent reason. Sierra says she learned that she used to be dependent on other people, and that now she's learned how to rely on herself.  She gets bizarrely emotional.  Coming up next, The Dragon Slayer.

Jeff needles Coach appropriately. Coach has loved the response from strangers, even if they might hate him.  Same old Coach - everyone is laughing at him, and he loves it.  Jeff asks him about the crazy story he told about being caught by the native Amazonian indians.  Coach still claims that the story is true.  Coach declined to take the lie detector test, according to Probst.   However, Coach says he's going to take this opportunity to blindside Jeff.  He took a lie detector test without anyone else knowing, and he has brought the sealed results!  Ha!  Yes!

Probst opens the sealed results, and reads question number 2: Did you get captured by natives on the Amazon?  The test (whose authenticity is iffy) says that Coach did tell the truth.  That was fun.

Coach brought his lady friend, who says that Coach is much different in person.  Probst asks a very funny Dragon Slayer question.  Probst is going to miss Coach Wade.

All right - who gets an extra $100,000 from the Sprint Favorite Castaway thingamajig?

The top three vote-getters were J.T., Taj, and Sierra.  Of course, J.T. wins the hundred grand.

Lightning Round: Joe Dowdle's leg is fine.  Sydney is still trying to get work done in the modeling game.  Spencer had fun.  Jerry has gotten some crap from his fellow servicemen for getting bounced so early.  Candace was in a commercial (I don't care).  She sucks.  Carolina says that it sucked getting voted off first (duh).  "Sandy, something crazy?" Jeff "asks" Sandy.  She babbles on and on, still crazy. 

Up next, after the break - where will the next season of Survivor be?  (crossing my fingers for the first Arctic Survivor)

Season 19 of Survivor will be in...

Back to the South Pacific.  Survivor: Samoa.  It will have a Treasure Island theme (maybe). 

All right, stay tuned for tomorrow's interview with J.T. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer