Survivor: Fiji - Sylvia Kwan Voted Off
Tonight, Sylvia Kwan, the 52 year old architect from California, was the third contestant voted off of Survivor: Fiji.  Sylvia had been grinding on her tribe mates since the very first day on the island.  Sylvia established herself as a “leader” right away, leading the construction of the nice camp.  Even then, her aggressive style of leadership wasn't too appreciated by the other members of the tribe.

Sylvia's stay in Fiji had to be disappointing, with her heading to Exile Island twice in her brief time on the island.  After receiving the third clue to the location of the immunity idol, Sylvia attempted to look for what would've been her saving grace, but to no avail.  Her attempts to find the idol became blatant as she neared tribal council, Sylvia finally resorting to digging with everyone around watching.

Sylvia likely sealed her fate with poor showings in both of the challenges.  The first was a slip and slide/basketball competition for the tribe's choice of reward.  Sylvia's slip and slide skills leave a lot to be desired.  You can read about in our full recap coming tomorrow morning, but just know it took her a long, long time to get down that slip and slide track.

By the end, it wasn't really a question.  Sylvia didn't get along with her tribe, she didn't bring a lot to the table in the challenges, and therefore, she was voted out.  Come back to BuddyTV tomorrow afternoon for an exclusive interview with Sylvia Kwan.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer