Survivor: Samoa: Previewing Episode 3 "It's Called A Russell Seed"
Survivor: Samoa is shaping up to be much about the annoying people and the annoyed people.  And that's just one tribe.  Now, anyone's got an idea about what will happen on the other side?

Now I realize the beauty of having two Russells on the show: the ambiguity it brings.  You see, tonight's episode is called "It's Called A Russell Seed", and it could mean either the small, bald Russell at Foa Foa, or the dreadlocked, big Russell at Galu.  And things are bound to happen in both tribes, it seems: it's just a matter of figuring out what happens to which.

First up: a tribe turns against one of its most harmless members, all because of a clever lie.  It's pretty obvious this refers to Foa Foa--what is Russell up to?  He's been playing a pretty scary game lately, kicking out Marisa and Betsy only because he felt they were threatening him.  Then again, Betsy got booted partly because of her age, but still, I smell some sort of paranoia around their parts.

And then there's this tribe chief, who makes a pretty risky and controversial decision--and puts him in the hot seat back at camp.  This could be on Galu's side, considering that something seems afoot there, and I'm only judging from what Shambo said last week.  But it could be Mick over at Foa Foa, too.  Don't tell me it's another one-tribe show tonight?

Survivor: Samoa returns tonight from 8pm on CBS.  While watching, leave a thought for the earthquake victims there.  The least we could do, perhaps.

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

(Image courtesy of CBS)