'Survivor' Recap: Is Troyzan Smarter than Kat?
'Survivor' Recap: Is Troyzan Smarter than Kat?
This week on Survivor, Troyzan continues to fight to see another tribal council. Kat becomes an easy target for him to sway her vote away from him ... will he be successful? He knows he's alone, even though Tarzan is the only other guy left standing. But no one knows what's going on in Tarzan's head so he doesn't count.

Up In Flames

The reward challenge is a series of questions asked to the group, about the group. Getting the correct answer gives you the opportunity to cut a rope attached to a doll version of each player. Three cuts and the doll falls, then a flame is ignited until the doll is left to mere ashes. A little morbid, but the reward is a helicopter ride and a picnic.

Here are the questions that were asked and what the majority voted (beforehand):

-- Who does not deserve to still be here? Christina
-- Who would you trust with your life? Kim
-- Who most needs a wake up call in life? (a unanimous vote, minus one): Kat
-- Who is the biggest poser? Troyzan
-- Who does the least for their tribe? Sabrina
-- Who would you most like to be stranded with on an island? Kim

In order, how the players were eliminated: Troyzan (no surprise, since all the women were gunning for him), Tarzan, Chelsea, Kat, Christina, Alicia.

Planting the Seed

Kim is the winner! Able to choose two to take with her, she takes Alicia and ... Chelsea. Troyzan immediately takes the opportunity to call Kim (and Kat) out, saying the two that Kim picked indicates the final three. Kat is visibly unhappy, and Kim apologizes as she leaves, to which Kat responds "whatever." Kim tries to defend her choice, saying Chelsea doesn't eat well ... but doesn't everyone?

After the three leave and the rest go back to camp, Troyzan uses the opportunity to his full advantage, telling Kat she has to "grasp" what's going on, that she's not so tight with Kim as she thought. Kat also starts crying, repeating that she doesn't want to be seen as a follower and play her own game.

When Kim returns, she tries to make amends with Kat, saying Troyzan was just getting into her head, and that she wishes she didn't win. She also says off camera that not picking Kat was her first nonstrategic move -- and now she's paying for it.

Here Piggy, Piggy

When a giant pig wanders into camp, it gets the girls wanting to kill it for food. They turn to Troyzan for help, with Alicia implying that killing the pig will get Troyzan brownie points. Well, Troyzan tries -- but barely. It was so obvious. The women are running around freaking out. It was an amusing scene, one which Kim said came at a great time because it broke the tension from earlier.

Slip And Slide for Immunity

The immunity challenge pits two players against each other, where they have to slide onto a course, pick up a ring, and toss it like in a ring toss.

Here's how the rounds went:

Round One:
Chelsea vs. Alicia -- Chelsea wins
Kat vs. Sabrina -- Kat wins
Troyzan vs. Tarzan -- Tarzan wins and the girls erupt in celebration
Christina vs. Kim -- Kim wins with Christina not even making it to the ring toss line.

Round Two
Chelsea vs. Kat -- Chelsea wins
Tarzan vs. Kim -- Kim wins

Kim won the final round over Chelsea, giving her the immunity!

Troyzan's Final Move?

The women discuss splitting the votes again -- which I hope one day comes to bite them in the butt. Sabrina tells Christina she's going to be the person who'll be receiving votes. Christina -- is she THAT dumb?! -- says that's OK with her, and tells Troyzan that info! What is she doing? I thought at first maybe she's not getting edited well, and she was a target early on and haven't been able to shake that -- but seriously.

So Troyzan works Kat again, trying to get her to away from voting for him.

Tribal Council

Troyzan tells host Jeff Probst that he "feels pretty good" and the camera cuts to Kim with a look that says, "what?"

He continues to plant more seeds, saying Christina is the last woman, in the order of women. Christina doesn't do much to help her case.

So the players vote, and they're tallied. The votes are tied three for Christina, three for Troyzan and one for Chelsea with one final vote ...

And it's Troyzan. But he doesn't leave without whispering something in Kat's ear.

Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

(Image courtesy of CBS)