'Survivor' Recap: Making a Big Move
'Survivor' Recap: Making a Big Move
Are the women running the show? With the numbers in their favor this week, it seems so. Will they pluck off another guy or will the men be convincing enough to have one of the women vote their own off?

After the votes go down, I don't know what's going on anymore !

Filling Up on Barbecue

This week's reward challenge is another good one -- a 7-Up barbecue. Host Jeff Probst even tempts the group by offering a bottle to share among all 11 of them.

The groups for the challenge are: Mike, Kim, Sabrina, Christina and Leif; and Jay, Troyzan, Kat, Chelsea and Alicia on the other. Tarzan is the odd one out.

The competition is going down a slide and running into the waters to unclip a heavy crate and bring it back to shore. They have to collect all the crates and build it into a puzzle.

Again, the most amusing part of the competition is when Leif goes down the slide because his body just soars into the air in the end and his body tumbles over. Feel bad laughing but can't seem to stop myself.

The teams are neck and neck in building the puzzle. Not sure why, but Christina did not help her team carry the final crate back to shore. But her team wins anyway!

Always 'On' Their Game

The barbecue is quite nice. The rewards this season have been pretty impressive. But it doesn't take long for the women to start strategizing, as Kim is lying away from the eating area and calls Sabrina over, and the two agree Mike's the one who should go. As the weeks go by, Kim looks like she's really emerging as a leader. So is Sabrina, but she seems more vocal while Kim is more behind-the-scenes.

The two want to tell Troyzan that Mike is trying to get rid of him, and "start a revolution." Come on, are the men dumb enough to fall for that?

Remember when we thought the women would crumble in the beginning? They seem to have it together. The men better play smart.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

The survivors have to untie knots along a course, and be the first four to do so -- and it's Jay, Kim, Troyzan and Alicia, which makes for an even playing field, gender-wise.

For the second task, they have to each put together a 60-piece puzzle. Kim and Alicia are off to a flying start. Jay is ridiculously slow and methodical. The women each have one piece left and believe they've completed it -- but that one piece just doesn't fit. And so it goes on, giving Jay plenty of time to catch up -- and win!

Making a Move

The women look to put the puzzle pieces into play, talking into the men's ears. But when it looks like Jay and Mike are going off to chit-chat on their own, Kim makes a run for them, and then offers up Christina -- telling the men what they want to hear.

Kim is playing the men and her old alliance, but she knows she has to be careful and not pull a big move of getting rid of Mike because her cover will be blown. How is this all going to play out?

Tribal Council

Jeff asks if anyone is worried he/she is at risk for going home ... and no hands are raised. Kim is asked where the confidence is coming from, and she says people think they're part of an alliance that they're not actually part of. Is she foreshadowing to what's going to happen? I'd think this points to Mike. Overall, a pretty mundane tribal council. We were spoiled the last few weeks with all the drama.

The votes are tallied ... two for Tarzan (what??), two for Christina ... and five for Mike, who's obviously shocked, as is Troyzan.

Shocking Votes Revealed

I didn't have enough time to figure out how the votes went down before it was shown during the credits. My mind was racing. Obviously, the Tarzan votes were to throw the whole thing off, as an illusion. It looks like Alicia/Christina voted for Tarzan ... and Jay and Troyzan voted for Mike?? Mike/Tarzan voted for Christina, and the three remaining women voted for Mike.

Wow, I don't know when or why Troyzan and Jay went against Mike. Sure, they may have deemed him a threat and thought this was the perfect time to get rid of him. But all episode, they were worried the women were taking over and didn't want the numbers on their side. Obviously, something happened that wasn't aired (yet) that made them change their mind. I've got to hand it to the women, they're really covering all their bases. Did they tell Christina/Alicia to throw the votes to Tarzan OR are Christina/Alicia oblivious as well?

Next week, it looks like the men are realizing they're getting played because Jay declares he's making a power move and approaches Kat about ... something ... to "move forward." The preview makes the vote reveal even more confusing.

Can anyone make sense of it all?

Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

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