'Survivor' Recap: Boston Rob Reigns Supreme in Double Elimination
'Survivor' Recap: Boston Rob Reigns Supreme in Double Elimination
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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From day one on Survivor: Redemption Island, Boston Rob has completely owned this game. Every time he's gone to Tribal Council, the votes have played out exactly as he planned, thanks to the magical charm he has over his original Ometepe tribe. But with a double elimination and the merged tribe, can Boston Rob's dominance continue? Yes. Yes it can.

Matt the Moron

On Redemption Island, Matt is surprisingly upbeat about being back after getting blindsided for the second time. He acknowledges that he's awful at this game, but he also still believes in God, assuming it's His will that Matt continue to get tricked. I'm guessing Matt's favorite Bible book is Job.

The Robfather

After Matt's elimination, the Zapaterans are torn between hating the fact that Boston Rob is so damn good and admiring how brilliant he really is. Ralph, who was trash-talking Russell because he found the immunity idol first, is now scurrying and afraid because he wasted it. You'd think all this brilliant strategy would go to Boston Rob's head, and it does, but he has the Ometepe tribe so wrapped around his finger that it doesn't matter.

Right now it looks like smooth sailing for the original Ometepe tribe to make the final six, at which point Boston Rob will have to start playing the hard part of the game, but since he has a hidden idol that no one knows about, he has some breathing room.

First Immunity Challenge and Tribal Council

In the first immunity challenge of the night, it's a three-part race which Grant wins. It's irrelevant, since Boston Rob is just going to get his tribe to vote out whoever he wants. In this instance, it's Mike, who was a close second in the challenge and who also has a good chance of eliminating Matt in the Redemption Island duel, because they don't want him coming back into the game again. Not only is Boston Rob picking the Zapaterans off one-by-one, but he's starting with the strongest players to ensure that they won't win immunity later on. At this point I can't decide if Boston Rob is really this good or if everyone else this season is just that bad. Maybe it's a little of both.

At the tribal council, Phillip's crazy train keeps going as he talks about his great-great grandfather, a full-blooded Cherokee Indian, who came to him in a vision and told him to attach a feather to his head. He also loves being in the bottom of his alliance because it lets him look up at everyone else. The Zapaterans, not accustomed to Phillip's full insanity, try arguing against him, which is like hitting your head into a brick wall.

In the vote, the Zapaterans hope that Phillip's craziness might be enough to sway at least one other Ometepe member, but it fails.

Mike is voted out 6-5 over Phillip in a vote that goes strictly along old tribe lines.

Second Immunity Challenge and Tribal Council

After the vote, Boston Rob appreciates Phillip's loyalty to his tribe, so he decides that Natalie and Phillip will be coming with him to the finale. The Zapaterans are disheartened that there's nothing they can do, and when Ralph tries to talk strategy, the Ometepe tribe shuts him down.

The second immunity challenge is a "Last Man Hanging" competition, but the castaways get to choose: Play for immunity or eat cheeseburgers. Phillip and Steve are the only ones to choose cheeseburgers. I'm not sure why everyone on Ometepe didn't choose to eat since they're safe no matter what, and I'm impressed that Steve chose to eat, probably assuming that not competing and being old will earn him a stay of execution. The Survivor editors get a little cheeky, showing the "Elapsed Time" of the challenge as well as the "Elapsed Burgers" eaten by Phillip and Steve.

David is the last man and last Zapateran hanging on, but then he goes, at which point the three Ometepe women decide to just give it to Andrea because it doesn't even matter.

Congratulations David, you tried really hard to win immunity. Unfortunately, you didn't, and since Boston Rob hates enemies who can beat him in challenges, he now has the target on his back.

Boston Rob's strategy also involves demoralizing the other tribe so they never win and keeping his tribe away from them, so when Ralph catches a bunch of fish, Boston Rob orders his people not to eat any of them, claiming that they're no good. He is systematically and psychologically dismantling everyone on this island.

Before the vote, Boston Rob considers performing a "mercy killing" on Steve since the old man doesn't seem to want to be there anymore. But the general of Ometepe has no mercy. At tribal council, Phillip crazily explains how Ometepe is Stealth R Us and how everyone has a specific role. It's reached the point where I don't even need to use the adjective "crazy" when talking about Phillip, it should just be understood that it applies to everything he says and does.

David is voted out 6-4, with Boston Rob getting the Zapatera votes.

So next week on Survivor: Redemption Island we get the three-way Redemption Island duel between Matt, Mike and David, which should be a lot more entertaining than waiting to see whether Ralph, Steve or Julie is the next one to get voted out by Boston Rob's army.

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