'Survivor' Recap: Boston Rob is Not an Ordinary Man
'Survivor' Recap: Boston Rob is Not an Ordinary Man
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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This season of Survivor should be called "Rob's Island," because Boston Rob has had complete control of the game from day one. Now things are getting sticky and he has to spin more plates than he's used to, but Boston Rob has made so many side alliances that he can wriggle out of any situation.

As Boston Rob says, "One man should not have this much power in this game. Luckily I'm not an ordinary man." You have to love a man with that kind of cockiness.

The Duel

It's a table maze followed by a puzzle, and once again, only one of the four will be sent to the jury. Jeff Probst loves saying that one of them will reenter the game at some point in the future, but there isn't a whole lot of future left.

Ralph takes a huge lead at the table maze, but then falters on the puzzle. Mike is the first to finish, and Matt and Andrea then finish at nearly the same time. So Ralph, the big hillbilly who loved trash-talking Russell about finding the immunity idol, is officially out of the game.

Crazy Phillip

The crazy train returns to the station when Phillip goes off on Ashley and Natalie because he doesn't think they should eat as much since they're girls and need fewer calories. It escalates to the same level of crazy that every Phillip argument does.

This is a problem for Boston Rob who wants to get rid of Ashley because she's too close to Natalie. But the girls get closer because of Phillip and decide that maybe booting Grant is the right move to avoid the possibility of having someone like Mike return from Redemption Island so they'd need to vote out two strong men.

It makes sense to me, but not to Boston Rob, who claims he ran the numbers on this scenario weeks ago and it didn't add up. I will defer to his wisdom, because anyone who uses phrases like "running the numbers" is awesome in my book.

This only solidifies Stealth 'R' Us, the alliance of Boston Rob, Grant and Phillip, who might be stealthy, but who can't bump fists to save their lives.

Immunity Challenge

The five castaways must complete a fish scale puzzle with one arm tied behind their backs and the winner gets a three-course meal delivered to them at camp.

Natalie is a complete and utter failure, resulting in Jeff Probst telling her to just give up. And, in a move that throws a monkey wrench in Boston Rob's plans, Ashley wins immunity. She picks her BFF Natalie to join her with the room service.

Tribal Council

Boston Rob's plan to vote out Ashley is ruined, so it's time for Plan B, which is to do what the girls initially suggested and vote out Grant. Boston Rob then has to do all the hard work by getting Phillip on board to blind side Grant before lying about it to Grant's face. And that's just how it plays out.

Grant is voted out 4-1.

It's amazing how many blind sides Boston Rob manages to successfully pull off.

It's also hard to believe this Sunday is the season finale of Survivor: Redemption Island, mostly because the twist has dragged on for too long. It was fine at the start, but once Matt came back into the game at the Merge, Redemption Island should've stayed a thing of the past.

Unfortunately Redemption Island sticks around and there are still eight potential winners heading into Sunday's finale (half of whom have been voted out at least once). On the bright side, it means there won't be a lot of filler in the finale because there's a lot of action that needs to take place.

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