'Survivor Nicaragua' Recap: Marty's Brilliant, Irrelevant Plan
'Survivor Nicaragua' Recap: Marty's Brilliant, Irrelevant Plan
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
When the merge happened on Survivor: Nicaragua we all knew two things. First, that Alina would be the first person voted out. Second, Marty would be next to go. Last week the former occurred and this week, it was time for the latter.

The predictability and uncontested dominance of the Minority Alliance continues while everyone else bickers. Marty and Jane have a huge feud, but it's irrelevant. Brenda and Sash don't care that Jane hates Marty, they want him out for their own reasons. And since there's nothing Marty can do to get that target off his back, his plan is all for naught, no matter how flawless and irrefutable his logic is.

Cracks in the Minority Alliance

Chase, who was an honorary member of the Minority Alliance because of his connection to Brenda early on, is annoying her now with his paranoia and stupidity. He has Brenda, NaOnka and Sash thinking about replacing him with someone else because he's way too close to Jane and Holly.

Reward Challenge

It's an obstacle course for a BBQ, and by random draw it's men vs. women, with Chase sitting out and foolishly picking the women. In his defense, maybe he thought Dan would be so useless that the guys would lose. But they didn't, so Sash, Benry, Fabio, Marty and Dan go on the feast while Chase is stuck with the ladies.

Individual Immunity Challenge

It's simple memory where Jeff shows the castaways six objects and asks them to repeat them in order. It sounds simple, yet, if a lot of rounds weren't edited out, these morons all fail. Six people go out on the first round and the rest are out in the second. In the end it comes down to Marty and Brenda, the ultimate battle of the masterminds, and Brenda wins.

Tribal Council

Marty has a plan to say they're voting out NaOnka, but actually blindside Jane. He gets Fabio, Benry and Dan to align with him, with a possibility of winning Sash and Brenda. But Sash and Brenda are more concerned with themselves. Do they keep Marty, which they seem to want to do, or do they do what Jane wants?

At the craziest tribal council since the last one, NaOnka goes off once again, acting like a total beeyotch with no consequences whatsoever. Once again, Fabio doesn't understand what's happening. How can this crazy woman be so awful and yet be safe every week? Even Jeff doesn't understand that one.

In the end, NaOnka continues to be the spoiled little brat who gets exactly what she wants because Brenda and Sash turn against Marty and vote him out, much to the surprise of Dan, Fabio and Benry, who thought they had a solid plan.

Marty is voted out.

Right now I see three main factions:

Brenda, Sash and NaOnka: The Minority Alliance
Fabio, Benry and Dan: Marty's Leftovers
Chase, Jane and Holly: Southern Comfort

That leaves Purple Kelly to float wherever she wants. Hopefully now that Alina and Marty are gone we can stop this boring and predictable streak and cause some real tension.

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