Survivor: Micronesia - Episode 7, "Like a Wide-Eyed Kid in the Candy Store" Live Thoughts
Hello, everyone.  Tonight Survivor: Micronesia is airing in a special Wednesday time-slot thanks to the greatest sporting event known to man, the NCAA Basketball Tournament.  As such, I will be filling in for your usual Survivor live thought-er Gina Scarpa.  I apologize in advance for the inevitable disappointment.  Anyway, last week saw two male castaways exit Survivor: Micronesia, one (Jonathan Pennner) because he had a bad injury and the other (Chet Welch) because he was a big ol' ball of goo.  I'll be here throughout the episode, giving live updates as the action happens.

Erik Reichenbach just rubs me the wrong way.  The hair, the ice cream scooping - boo. 

Ozzy begins the episode pissed that Tracy wants to kill their chickens.  Ozzy likes the eggs.  They are renewable he says.  Tracy is mostly just trying to stir things up.  She calls Ozzy a kingpin - she wants him OUT!  Don't really think you're going to pull that off Tracy. 

Does mayo really need to be advertised at this point?

James is upset about the women of Airai complaining about everything.  They whine about everything, especially Kathleen, who should have gone home on the first episode.  I hate when contestants complain about being away from home.  One, you signed up for the damn show.  Two, it's only a freaking month!  Sack up.

Erik is man-crushing on Ozzy.  Hard.  Cirie likens Ozzy and Erik to The Lion King. Hmm. 

Cirie Fields is asked by Ozzy to come with them to take the boat out far away from shore.  He wants to move the boat somewhere else.  They get to the reef, and everyone gets out and swims, fishes, and Cirie remains in the boat.  She's angry about this for some reason.

Reward challenge: four blindfolded players will roll a massive Money Stone through a track and crush some stones on the way, with the help of two pairs of non-blindfolded eyes.  After wards, a puzzle mus be solved.  The winners get whisked away to a private island and have an Herbal Essences spa treatment.  Plus snacks.

Malakal gets to the puzzle moments before Airai does. 

Malakal wins the reward.  Spa time.  They choose to send Airai's Jason Siska to Exile Island.  Malakal chooses Tracy to go to Exile - she doesn't get to go to the spa. 

Erik is super happy to get a reward - it's his first of the season. 

Shower time.  Amanda Kimmel and Ami Cusack get naked.  Damn you, American censorship!

Airai - stop whining.  It rains that night, and Kathleen whines like a little girl.  They have to sleep deep in the cave.  There's bats!  Kathleen calls going on Survivor, "the stupidest thing I've ever done."  The next morning, Kathleen says that she was trying to send vibes to her family.  Then, she starts crying because she can't feel her family.  She keeps crying and says she can't take anymore of this.  The other girls in her tribe try to cheer her up, but Kathleen wants a boat to pick her up and she wants to leave.

She wants to quit. 

So, Jeff Probst shows up and asks Kathleen what the deal is.  He sits down and listens to her cry.  Probst seems a little bit amused, but also understanding.  He takes her on the boat and they leave.  Kathleen is gone, and I'm pretty happy about it. 

Cirie and Amanda discuss how Ozzy is actually is an arrogant guy.  Amanda is starting to understand that.  They think the best move to make is to get rid of Erik, if it comes to that. 

Immunity challenge: Probst tells everyone that Kathy is gone, and she quit.  It's six on six now. 

One member of each tribe walks across a floating bridge, grab a large tile, hook it up to a rope, and then get pulled in from the beach via a pulley system worked by the rest of the team.  Once all the puzzle pieces are back, they have to solve the puzzle. 

Ozzy goes and gets four of the five puzzle pieces for Malakal.  That's just not fair. Airai catches up a little, but Malakal have a pretty formidable lead. 

Wow.  Airai comes back to win!  Puzzle-making: an integral part of Survivor. 

Ozzy wants to send Tracy home. Ami, Amanda and Cirie wants Erik gone.  Ami concocts a master plan - Ami makes Ozzy think they're voting for Tracy, and then Ami, Tracy and Erik vote Ozzy out, with Ami making Amanda and Cirie think she's voting with them to eliminate Erik.  Make sense?  Ami then has flexibility - vote with Amanda and Cirie, or the Fans of her choice. 

I just confused myself.

Tribal council time.  Tracy straight up says Ozzy is not just the leader of the tribe, but also a dictator.  Erik, the spineless wonder, backs up Ozzy.  Ami talks like she's getting rid of Ozzy.  I have no idea what's going to happen in this vote.  I'm thinking Tracy is probably gone. 

And...Tracy Hughes-Wolf has been voted off.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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