Survivor Micronesia: Episode 6, "It Hit Everyone Pretty Hard" Recap
On tonight’s episode of Survivor: Micronesia, the division between the fans and the favorites is apparent, despite the fact that they are mixed together. One tribe member’s injury poses a serious risk to his health and is assessed by the show’s medical staff. A tribe continues their winning streak while the other can’t seem to get it together.  A player asks to leave the game but his fellow tribe considers blindsiding a threat.  Here's more details on tonight's episode of Survivor!

For their reward challenge, the tribes will have to swim out to collect sticks, ropes, and planks. Once they get back, they’ll have ten minutes to use the materials to construct a blockade in the other tribe’s tunnel. After that, they’ll have to tear down their own blockades and make it to their mats. The winning tribe will have a guide come to their camp to give them tips about making life a little easier. Airai won and decided that Chet and Jason would go to Exile Island.

As soon as the challenge ended, Jeff Probst delivered some bad news. The medical staff wanted to take a look at Jonathan’s leg. Once the medic saw how bad it was, she recommended that he leave the game, saying that the infection was potentially life threatening. He agrees to leave and, after a tearful goodbye, boards a boat and heads out of the game.

On Exile Island, Chet was convinced that Ozzy had the idol already and decided not to bother looking. Jason was a little more optimistic and headed out in search of it. He found it with ease but what he actually found was the fake idol that Ozzy left behind. Though it didn’t look very convincing, it was enough for Jason and he happily took it back to camp with him.

For the immunity challenge, both tribes must use stepping poles to transfer two tribe members form one large platform to another. The seven tribe members must then climb a tower and everyone must get both feet on in order to win. Airai easily finishes first, making it their fourth win in a row. Back at Malakal, Chet asks to be voted out of the game but Tracy and Erik try to convince him to stick around and blindside Ozzy before he heads out.  In the end, Malakal decided to grant Chet's wish and sends him home.

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- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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