Survivor Micronesia: Episode 6, "It Hit Everyone Pretty Hard" Live Thoughts
I don't like the title of tonight's episode of Survivor at all.  I'm concerned - very concerned - about Jonathan's health.  I'm not going to lie.  I didn't like him much during Cook Islands.  I think I was too hard on him, though.  He's actually my favorite player this season and if he has to go home tonight because of his injury, I'm going to be so upset.  What will make up for it is the fact that idiot Jason finds Ozzy's fake immunity idol and ACTUALLY thinks it's real.  I question how big of a fan these fans actually are.  For people who have watched since the beginning, they can be pretty dumb.  I'll update throughout the hour so keep refreshing and post your thoughts as well.  Tonight looks like it's going to be a good episode!

Erik is still rocked from Joel's elimination.  Yeah, 'cause you got blindsided and know you're probably next.  Now, Tracy is upset because she lost her alliance.  YEAH!  No kidding.

Jonathan's injury is still bothering him.  I hope he can compete.

Reward challenge.  We've seen it before.  They have to use planks, ropes, and sticks to make a blockade the then the other tribe has to break through it.  Natalie sits out for Airai.  Ugh, Penner is a hot mess.  He's limping and falling all over the place.  Airai won pretty easily.  They will have a guide come to their camp and give them some tips to make life a little easier.  Jason and Chet are going to Exile Island.

Probst tells Penner that the medical staff wants to look at his knee.  The look on his face says it all, he knows how bad it is.  The medic tells him that the infection is potentially fatal and he needs to get help.  He leaves the game and everyone is crying.  This sucks.

The native people are visiting the Airai camp.  Parvati is doing what she does best - flirting with them. 

Malakal is pretty pathetic.  They've lost three in a row.  Cirie makes a good point: she doesn't want to teach the fans to play the game.  She just wants to play.  Ami doesn't like that and entertains the idea of jumping ship to Tracy and Chet.  That's just because she knows that she's in the most trouble if it gets down to four favorites on Malakal.  They'd merge beforehand anyway.  All she'd have is Eliza at the merge, though.

Yes, Jason is looking for the idol!  Chet doesn't think the idol still is available so he takes a nap.  Yeah, because looking for the idol would require some WORK.  He just found it.  This is the worst looking idol ever.  Ozzy should be ashamed of himself.  Actually, Jason should be ashamed of himself for being so stupid!

Are they intentionally re-using challenges?  I've seen this one too.  Tribes have to transfer two people using poles and then climb a small tower and everyone must get both feet up in order to win.  Seen it.  Airai was ahead but Parvati just fell and they had to go back.  Doesn't matter - they're still in the lead.  WHAT is Malakal DOING?

Chet's begging to go home.  Ozzy is happy to honor his request and send him home tonight.  There's talk of blindsiding Ozzy.  I ... will ... be ... so ... MAD.

Tribal council and they're voting now.  Okay, I can sleep tonight.  Chet went home.  Ozzy was not blindsided. 

Tomorrow, we'll be talking to both Chet and Jonathan.  Don't miss it!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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