Survivor Micronesia: Episode 4, "That's Baked, Barbecued, and Fried!" Recap
On tonight’s episode of Survivor, tension mounted at Malakal between Cirie and Jonathan.  On Exile Island, the hidden immunity idol was uncovered and a fake one was constructed.  Puzzle solving proved to be a useful skill to one tribe who used it to win both challenges tonight.  A tribe member was blindsided at tribal council.

For the reward challenge, four members from each tribe had to swim to a floating platform. One at a time, they had to dive down a steel cage and retrieve coconuts with letters on them. Once the bin is full, they bring it back to shore where the remaining tribe members unscramble the letter to form a phrase. The prize is three egg laying hens and one rooster. The Favorites win, thanks to Ozzy’s superior swimming and James’s puzzle solving skills. Kathy is sent to Exile Island again along with Ozzy.

On Exile Island, Kathy felt too tired to go looking for the idol so Ozzy decided to go alone. Bit by bit, he figured out the clues and eventually found the hidden immunity idol that he so desperately needed to secure his place in the game. Taking a page from Yau-Man’s strategy in Fiji, Ozzy made a fake idol to throw off his fellow players. Back at camp, Eliza plotted to get rid of Jonathan in an attempt to save her own skin.

At the immunity challenge, six tribe members will race to a six point sliding hub and unlock it. They then will maneuver through the forest and collecting six necklaces along the way. Those necklaces form a phrase which must be decoded by the two remaining tribe members. The fans had a hard time maneuvering their hub while the favorites blew through the course. Once again, the favorites win the challenge and send the fans to tribal council.

The Ariai tribe was in agreement that Chet should be the one to go home but Tracy didn’t want to take that lying down. She sought out Joel to try to convince him to take out Mikey, his biggest competition in the game. At tribal council, Tracy tried once again to defend her friend and member of her alliance. Jason jumped in and interrupted Jeff and he was directing everyone to vote, asking his tribe to get rid of the weakest link. In the end, the tribe listened to Tracy, not Jason, sending Mikey B home.

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On next week’s Survivor, the fans and favorites are mixed up as the tribes are switched around. Chet continues to hold his team back in challenges. One favorite suffers a pretty serious injury.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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