Survivor: Micronesia - Episode 12 Predictions
Survivor: Micronesia is only three episodes away from its conclusion, and it's shaping up to be one of the more exciting stretch runs we've seen on Survivor in a long time.  I absolutely have no clue how the season will play out, which is great.  James is probably on the chopping block tonight unless he wins the immunity challenge, which he has a very good chance at doing.  Will the ladies stay strong?  Will someone have to leave for medical reasons?  Below, I've written five fearless predictions for tonight's episode.  You will probably disagree with most of them. 

Five Prediction for Tonight's Episode:

1. Somebody will have to leave for medical reasons, but it won't be James Clement.

If you do the math, with three episodes remaining and seven castaways still competing, something has to give.  Survivor won't do any contrived double eliminations (it's too classy for that) so it stands to reason that someone will have to leave for medical reasons.  The preview for tonight's episode shows two people in need of aid, one being James and the other being one of the ladies (it's hard to tell who).  James' injury is to his finger – he can wrap that and be fine, so I think he'll stick around.  Therefore, in a surprise, I think either Alexis Jones or Natalie Bolton will be physically unable to go on.  Just a hunch.

2. Every remaining female will cry when their loved ones show up.

It's the family reunion episode tonight, which is OK.  It's never that exciting, unless one of the contestants has a hot sister. 

3. The female alliance will show signs of cracking.

Now that Jason and his immunity idol are gone, the major threat facing the five Survivor women is gone.  Hence, the in-fighting will begin.  Who will pair off with whom once all the men are gone?  Erik and James have a chance to get back in this if they can convince some of the ladies that so and so is going to align with so and so once all the men are gone.  Plus, with the immunity idol back in play once again, there could be even more uncertainty. 

4. Natalie Bolton will continue to annoy me.

Natalie got on my nerves last episode.  It was weird because she had received almost no screen time over the entire season. Which brings me to my theory/prediction...

5. Natalie will be voted off.

Here's how I see it going down.  James sacks up and wins the individual immunity.  Alexis has to go home for medical reasons (unfortunate).  James rejoins his alliance with Parvati and Amanda, the two convince Erik that his only way to stay is to vote with them, and they vote out Natalie.  The producers, my theory goes, wanted to give Natalie some screen time before she was voted off.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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