'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains' Recap: What All-Girl's Alliance?
'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains' Recap: What All-Girl's Alliance?
I've got a confession to make: this week's Survivor: Heroes vs Villains has got me confused. And I know I shouldn't be, because at this point I should expect everybody to be flipping sides, especially after last week's debacle. But I can't help it. I still am. And I don't know what will happen next.

Fun for the whole family: This week's reward challenge was about two things. First, it was a chance for the final six to meet with their loved ones. Second, it was a chance for Sprint to plug in their phones. It's obvious which one I'll be focusing on.

The castaways had to scoop water from the ocean and toss the entire thing to their loved ones, who used the water to fill their own buckets. The winner earned a trip to the Samoan blowholes, which isn't as dirty as it sounds. But something did go dirty, and that was Colby's frustration with his older brother, Reed. The two can't seem to communicate, and Colby's venting on the older bro. "He's been like that for 34 days," Jeff interjected.

Rupert and Russell worked with their respective wives quite well, but they didn't win the challenge. That honor goes to Jerri, whose different toss won her and her sister Jennifer--who flew in from Germany--that trip to the blowholes. Of course, she can bring along one other castaway; she chose Parvati. Jerri asked to bring someone else and chose Sandra.

Guess who isn't happy? Russell, of course. "I took care of her from the beginning," he said when he returned to camp. "I hope that burger literally tastes like a million dollars!" All of a sudden, he approached Rupert and Colby and proposed an alliance with them. Yes, it happened suddenly, and yes, the two Heroes decided to bite. "I wanna believe him, but he's a Villain," Rupert said. "But he's the best Villain I've got."

Over at the blowholes, the three girls inevitably talked strategy. Jerri was anxious that her decision not to bring Russell would cost her the game. (It did seem that way. You know what Russell would do to be with his wife.) Sandra's confident that he'll still go for the Heroes, so their plan remains the same: kick out Rupert or Colby.

Still, Jerri couldn't be quelled, so upon returning to camp she went to Russell to talk to him. He was asleep, but they all ended up awake anyway when Rupert oddly decided to saw and smash wood in the middle of the night. Now Jerri's furious at Rupert. Russell doesn't mind because he confirmed that he can easily manipulate Jerri. And the ladies don't know that he plans to kick Parvati out.

Welcome to crazy town: The immunity challenge was one of those endurance challenges  in which you balance two poles on the backs of your hands. Rupert and Parvati faced off in the end, and everything was literally on the edge... until Rupert's balance slipped a bit and Parvati got herself immunity again.

That made the decision easier for Russell, who goes for Rupert. Sandra also decided to flip again, telling Rupert about her plans to kick Russell out. Rupert decided to stick with his new alliance, so he told Russell about it. And then Russell confronted Sandra.

"Are you with me or against me?"

"I'm against you, Russell."

Cue an unusually funny sequence where Russell gets mocked by Sandra and Parvati. (In Jerri's words, it was "crazy town".) For Sandra, it was also an eye-opening moment, and she tossed a veiled threat to Rupert: "Loose lips sink ships." And then we were reminded that she has the hidden immunity idol, and this is the last time she can use it. And come Tribal Council, she does. "I would hate to go home with the idol on my bra," she said.

She didn't really have to use it, since she had the numbers. Only the Heroes voted for Sandra; the Villains voted for Rupert, effectively voting him out. He didn't have words for Russell, who duped him. He could only say that he isn't destined to win Survivor.

The season wraps up this Sunday, with the final five--Russell, Parvati, Jerri, Sandra, and Colby still hanging on and fighting for the million dollars.

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