'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains' Recap: The Weak Slay the Strong
'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains' Recap: The Weak Slay the Strong
There's no denying that the tables have been turned. Just a few weeks ago, the Villains were whooping the Heroes quite easily. Now, after a cocktail of bad timing, good timing and everybody's Survivor-bred competitive nature spiking up, it's the complete opposite: the Heroes are holding up, and the Villains are crumbling apart.

JT almost gets away with it: Not that the Heroes are smooth sailing all throughout. JT, still the wild card of the tribe, wanted to get a leg up on his tribe mates by looking for the hidden immunity idol. "The best thing for me is to know where it's at," he said. Thanks to last week's pretty specific clue, he finds it easily.

Problem is, someone was in his tail. Sensing that he's gone missing, Amanda looked for him near the river, and finds him just moments after he finds the idol. Candice also followed him--their spider senses are tingling!--and JT was forced to come clean about the idol, reverting to the original plan of using it after the merge. Candice isn't so convinced. "He is the slimiest guy out here," she said. "It would be in Amanda's beast interest to work with me and get rid of JT."

Hoping for a merge that won't come: Things are obviously worse off at the Villains tribe. Jerri's upset with having to vote Rob out. Russell's glad he beat a "super all-star". Coach knows he can't do anything but stick with Jerri as she sticks with "bully" Russell.

But there's one thing keeping them going. "I don't think we're winning these challenges," Coach said. "We're toast. Pray for the merge." When treemail came in, ambiguously suggesting a merge, they packed up everything--and I mean everything--and went to the reward challenge... only to be denied. "Everybody drop your expectations," Jeff said, before giving us the bowling challenge from last season. The Heroes win that challenge, and a meal of pizza, brownies and sodas.

You are the weakest links: While the Heroes are having lunch--talking about infiltrating what they think is an all-female alliance on the other side--the Villains are getting pretty worried. Jerri's peeved that they sat Sandra and Courtney out in the challenge, which means two physically weaker contestants having to participate in the immunity challenge.

After a shouting match, Sandra--who declared her hate for pretty much everyone in her tribe, wishing she was at the Heroes side--plots to keep her and Courtney safe by having Russell think Coach is gunning for him. Russell does bite the bait, and tells Parvati about his new plan: kick the Dragon Slayer out.

Indeed, the immunity challenge was a physical one: belted together, teams have to go through a muddy obstacle course and retrieve flags. Coach, working solo thanks to the odd numbers on both tribes, was the only one to deliver a win for the Villains. No wonder he's the only one who can spin his tribe's loss differently: "it's like going to the spa," he said, as the bruised Villains tribe--returning to Tribal Council after an easy Heroes win--washed up. Still lamenting the loss of Tyson and Rob, he wants to eliminate Russell, but sticks to voting Courtney instead, because she's the weakest link.

Losing grip: Russell, his emotional component in overdrive again, had a pretty bad argument with Danielle. He wants Coach out; she wants Courtney out. "She was just pathetic," Danielle said. "At least we have a shot with Coach." It descends into a pretty big argument--expletives were exchanged--but it amounted to nothing: Russell would change his mind and gun for Courtney instead.

That probably confused his alliance, who decided to stick with the original plan of voting for Coach during Tribal Council. For a moment, it seemed Courtney was getting the boot--there was this two-way argument about who's dragging down the tribe--but in the end it's only Russell, Jerri and Coach who went for her. Coach went home in a close vote, but also earns a slot as a jury member. What's more telling: Russell's hold on his alliance--and his tribe--is starting to really slip.

Next week on Survivor, what Jeff calls the dumbest move ever in the show's history--and that might involve JT giving Russell their immunity idol...

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