'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains' Preview: Strong Move or Silly Move?
'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains' Preview: Strong Move or Silly Move?
Thinking ahead is a very good thing on Survivor. You think about who you'll bring to the final two. You think about the merge. You think about the connections you have to the other tribe, in this season's case.

Thus, I completely understand what the Heroes are thinking. Seeing the Villains have eliminated Rob, they're thinking an all-girl alliance is calling the chops over there. Of course, they don't know what really happened--the rivalry between Rob and Russell, the existence of three factions rather than two--and they don't even know what Russell did before.

So you can say the move JT is engineering is, well, the dumbest move ever. On tonight's Survivor: Heroes vs Villains, the Heroes plan to do a risky move by giving their hidden immunity idol to Russell. Yes, that idol-hungry Russell.

Originally they planned to keep it for the merge, to have them use it when they face the Villains, which have whooped their asses for quite a while. And then they'll do a 360 and give it to someone within the tribe? Maybe it's a dumb move. Maybe it's a strong move too, aligning with a strong player who badly needs another alliance.

Or maybe it's JT playing everyone. We'll see. Survivor: Heroes vs Villains returns tonight from 8pm on CBS.

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