'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains': Previewing Episode 20.06 'Banana Etiquette'
'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains': Previewing Episode 20.06 'Banana Etiquette'
Throughout this season of Survivor, the Heroes tribe have been asking one thing: when will we win something?

Some want it for the glory. Some want it for the strategic advantage. Some want it for the rewards. Seems their disagreement over this has led to several disappointing losses--and four votes, including Tom last week--and they've never been in worse shape, at least opposed to the Villains, who are on a chocolate high.

I guess the tribe's other question is: will we ever get a break?

The answer: Yes. And no.

Survivor: Heroes vs Villains is on a special night tonight, and it involves two eliminations. So, no matter what happens, a Hero and a Villain goes home. With that in mind, it's definitely going to be a scramble on both sides. More so the Villains, since they've never been here often--and with tensions brewing on that side too, I expect the explosions.

The Heroes? The choice has got to be easy. Colby on a solo flight? Or maybe they'll choose James because of his injury?

This reminds me of what Russell said back in Survivor: Samoa: all those Tribal Councils have made his tribe, Foa Foa, stronger. I guess the same can be said tonight. Survivor: Heroes vs Villains returns tonight from 8pm on CBS. Take note: tonight, not tomorrow.

(Image courtesy of CBS)