Survivor: Gabon - Episode 9, Live Thoughts
The tribes on Survivor: Gabon either will or won't merge tonight.  I'm done predicting these things.  Anyway: Hello, my name is Oscar Dahl, and I will be guest live-blogging tonight's festivities.  Your usual vessel of Survivor enjoyment, Gina Scarpa, has very important business to attend to this evening.  I'm sorry to disappoint you, masses.  Tonight's Survivor is an important one, whether the merge is on or not.  Who is sent home tonight will say a lot about how the alliances will shake out for the rest of the season.  How will Marcus's alliance members react to his surprise dismissal?  Poorly, one would assume, but to whom their retribution will be directed is the real question.   Follow along below - I will be updating as the hour plods along.  Enjoy.

I hate you Toyota.  Because of this damned "Saved by Zero" campaign, I will never buy one of your cars.  You guys suck. 

Just to get this over with - I'm not a fan of Crystal, Susie or Ken, but I'm willing to be swayed.  What they do tonight, in their new position of power, will say a lot.  Susie, Ken and Crystal are really proud of themselves after tribal, voting off Marcus.  Ken might be getting a bit arrogant.  Bob thinks that if there's not a merge, he's gone next.  Then he makes a really lame, science-teacher kind of joke.  I like your bowtie, though. 

The new Fang tribe can't even start a fire, they're out of food.  Treemail arrives - it's going to be a golfing-themed reward challenge.  It looks like slingshots will be involved instead of golf clubs.  Corinne and Charlie are baffled by Marcus's elimination.  Ken talks back, and so does Susie, when Corinne expresses her dismay.  But, Ken is right - who's to say one person deserves it over another.

Reward challenge - the teams use a slingshot to get their ball to a hole surrounded by sand.  Whoever takes the least amount of shots to get the hole wins a getaway.  The first hole is 300 yards away.  Bob and Matty are the respective launchers.  After two shots, both teams around twenty yards away.  Randy misses, Ken makes it.  Kota wins the hole.  Next hole is 220 yards, uphill.  Matty leaves his second shot inches from the hole.  Kota misses their third shot.  Matty makes it.  Fang wins.  Final hole, Bob outdrives Matty.  Both teams are pretty close after two shots.  Kenny barely misses his third shot, and it rolls down the hill.  Matty leaves his third right on hole.  Kenny misses his fourth, Matty makes it.  Fang wins.

Matty and Randy got into a little tiff after their victory for no real reason.  Randy gost him some attitude.  Fang heads off to a little village.  A lot of people are their chanting, they perform some sort of cleansing ritual.  Corinne makes friends with a little girl.  Charlie, predictably, is devastated by Marcus's removal from the game.  Everyone dances after eating.  Randy is a creepy old guy.  Matty dances his cares away. 

Ken gets stuck in the water while rowing his boat.  He's a gamer, he should be able to figure this out.  He brings home fish.  It's only Ken, and Crystal and Susie.  Funnily, he calls Crystal and Susie “Very beautiful women.” comment. 

Bob was sent to Exile Island.  He decides to forgo the comfort and try to find the immunity idol that Sugar has in her possession.  Oh, futile clue finding, you dirty dog.  Bob constructs a fake immunity idol to take back to the tribe.  Maybe this could work, somehow, but I doubt it. 

The immunity challenge is going to involve building fire.  Randy hates Crystal.  He calls her "sasquatch," "bigfoot" and "T-Rex."  Despite myself, this made me chuckle.  Randy is such an ass.  But, I kind of like him, in a sort of "crotchety uncle" kind of way.  Probst tells everyone that they are playing for individual immunity, because now the tribes have merged.  Hooray!

Each player gets flint, steel and other fire making equipment.  First person to make a fire enough to burn a rope wins immunity.  Bob might win this, I feel.  Susie is the first to get a flame going.  Matty cuts himself, draws blood.  Susie's fire is big, no one close.  Well, Sugar is getting close, seemingly tied now.  Susie wins immunity.  Did not see that one coming.  Well played, Suze. 

The tribe returns to the Fang camp.  Randy is adamant about getting Crystal out.  Charlie thinks that he, Randy, Bob and Corinne.  He also knows that Ken, Susie, Matty and Crystal are a solid alliance.  They need Sugar's vote.  Sugar wants Randy voted out.  Corinne plays Sugar for a fool, but it might have worked.  Sugar is easy to convince of anything.  Ken starts the campaign to get Charlie out.  Ken is really getting arrogant.  He loves to lie.  Ken gets Sugar alone, telling her all these things about Charlie, how he's the mastermind.  Sugar doesn't trust Kenny.  But, she doesn't trust anybody.  Tonight's vote is up to her.  She doesn't know what she wants to do.

At tribal, we first discuss Matty and Randy's argument.  Crystal interjects and starts referring to herself in the third person.  Randy makes some mildly racist innuendos about GC and Crystal, but he's not entirely wrong.  GC and Crystal were pretty tough to handle in those early days in camp.  Crystal's third person speak is pretty freaking annoying. 

Time for the votes.  Whoever leaves, it will be a five-four vote and set the precedent for the remainder of the season.  Sugar cries before making her vote, still unsure which way to go.  Probst decides to read the four Crystal votes first, then reads four Charley votes.  And it is for Charlie.

Charlie has been eliminated from the game.  Well, at least he'll get some alone time with Marcus.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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