Survivor: Gabon - Episode 11 Live Thoughts
I'm having a hard time with Survivor: Gabon currently.  As many readers know, I've had it up to here with these underdogs.  I suppose Kenny could be some kind of master strategist and solid competitor but I have yet to really see it.  Kenny solving puzzles isn't going to win me over.  He's a professional gamer.  He better solve puzzles!  At this point, I'm still rooting for Bob (as I have been from day one) and I've jumped on the Matty bandwagon, purely out of sheer disgust for the way almost everybody else is playing the game.  For the most part, I can respect what Matty's doing out there in Africa.  Let's hope Bob and Matty survive tonight's tribal council and I'll be here, updating live throughout the hour.  Read on, keep refreshing, and post your thoughts, too!

Okay, I'm glad that Bob yelled at Sugar for laughing at Randy at the last tribal council.  When Corinne jumps in, Sugar calls her out for being fake to people and then talking behind their back.  I don't think I've observed that as far as I can remember.  Sugar is a nasty little player lately, huh?

For tonight's challenge, the players divide into 2 teams of 3.  They race through a swamp to stations that contain sprocket shaped puzzle pieces.  They'll have to arrange the pieces so that they work together to raise a flag.  In the final round, players will face off against each other to complete a slide puzzle.  The winners will receive video messages from home on a Sprint cell phone.  Any Survivor player would fight for that.

A schoolyard pick ensues to draw teams.  They are: Sugar, Crystal, and Bob vs. Kenny, Matty, and Susie. Corinne is not chosen for a team and is not eligible to win the prize. Ouch.  Matty's team gets back first with the pieces but Bob's physics background gets his team right in there with them.  Bob's team moves on to the final round.  Bob quickly solves the puzzle and wins.  While he watches his video, his wife sneaks up on him and surprises him.  It's so cute!! 

Peggy, the wife, gets to come back to camp and meet everybody. Oh, how jealous is everyone?  Not very because Bob brings everyone's loved ones back to camp.  NICE, Survivor.  The reunions are emotional from Sugar saying goodbye to her dad who recently passed to Matty proposing to his girlfriend right on the spot. 

Bob's planning to make another fake idol.  Man, if he pulls that off twice, he is my hero.

Tonight's immunity challenge involves questions about Gabon.  If you answer correctly, you get a ball which you can throw at what looks like a bullseye.  The player closest to the center wins immunity.  I'm spending the entire time hoping that Bob wins because I know he has quite a target on his back.  Bob wins!  WOOHOO!!! 

Corinne and Bob have concocted quite a story.  When Marcus threw the idol in the ocean, he supposedly left it behind and hid it somewhere.  Bob is going to say that if he hadn't won, he would've used the idol but instead, he gave it to Corinne to secure his place in the game.  Corinne tells Kenny, who considers jumping alliances.  DO IT!!!  Your alliance is worthless!!!

Wait, how is this plan working?  Everyone is voting for Corinne, except that one person votes for Matty.  The idol isn't real... so Corinne is going home... so... this plan basically sucks.

At tribal, everyone is paranoid, as they probably should be.  Here are the votes.  If Matty goes, I'm going to throw something.  Votes: Matty.  Corinne.  Corinne.  Corinne.   Matty.  Matty.  Corinne.

PHEW!  My boys are still in!!!   Be sure to check back tomorrow to hear what Corinne has to say in her exclusive interview with BuddyTV.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of CBS)