Survivor: Fiji Predictions - The Final Eight
One of the best things about Survivor: Fiji is how the game can change so abruptly.  It makes it difficult to predict what will happen week to week.

I say this, of course, because it's true, but also in order to excuse how completely wrong I was in my prediction last week that the "Four Horsemen" would control the game.  There were two things I didn't predict that changed the whole landscape of the game and resulted in the ouster of Edgardo Rivera.
One thing I didn't predict: the flipfloppedness of Dre "Dreamz" Herd.  When he kept his hated Stacy Kimball by voting off the unknown quantity Michelle Yi, I thought for sure he had totally solidified his loyalty to the Horsemen.  Therefore, I was not expecting him to turn around and then sell them out so utterly to the other alliance. 

I also didn't anticipate how quickly Stacy would flop to the other alliance.  Considering how disliked she seemed to be through the Reward Challenge answers, I would have thought that she would stick with Alex Angarita due to there being a shared history with one another.  But once Yau-Man Chan won immunity, she was eager to flip. Because of those two change, the Horsemen went from puppet masters to targets.

So what next?

Mookie Lee and Alex would seem to be obvious targets for the majority to focus on next.  As we left things, it would seem their only hope would be to flip Dreamz and Stacy back.  Dreamz might be flippable.  For one, he's a cheerleading coach and he likes to flip.  (Sorry, couldn't help that one.)  But seriously, he has already demonstrated that he doesn't like to be left out: most likely, leftover resentment from other Horsemen not telling him immediately about the idol contributed to his defection.  In tribal council, however, as he saw all the votes for Ed, he had to realize that his new alliance didn't full trust him either.  If Alex and Mookie could successfully exploit that, they might have a chance.

I'm not sure what they could use to flip Stacy, other than the old relationship and the likelihood that the Yau-Man, Earl Cole, Cassandra Franklin and Kenward "Boo" Bernis alliance will only use her until they don't need her any longer.

Even in that case, though, this would only get the Horsemen back to four, and would still leave them tied with the other alliance for votes.  So the Immunity Challenge, and new hidden immunity idol could be factors.  Additionally, previews for next week show Alex and Mookie figuring out that Yau-Man has the idol.  What they do with this information - unless they get the numbers - we will have to wait to see.

Of course, the simple answer might be that next week is just a housecleaning vote, and Dreamz is voted off as being expendable for both the remaining Horsemen and the other alliance.  After all, he's proven himself to be unpredictable and somewhat uncontrollable.  Since the vote this week made it clear - although Ed said in interview that they knew anyway - that he was working against the Horsemen, he can no longer be effective to the other alliance as a spy either.

Both sides might realize - separately or together - that the game would be more controllable without his volatile presence.

What do you think will happen next on Survivor: Fiji?  Leave us your predictions in the comments below!

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

(Image courtesy of CBS)