Survivor: Fiji - Episode 2 - What Others Are Saying

Two episodes into the new season of Survivor, and we are all starting to get a little better sense of the personalities.  This is, however, mainly due to the fact that the Moto tribe, with all their resources, are comfortable and boring so most of the episode focused on the struggling, scrappy Ravu tribe. 

That said, Daniel Feinberg at was able to form an opinion about at least one member of Moto”

“’We're all thinking the same thing - this game is so vicious, it's delicious,’ says Lisi. Between comments like that, her horse laugh and her Popeye impression, I'm kind of wanting to whack Lisi upside the head with a coconut.”

Yau-Man is quickly becoming a viewer favorite.

Reality News Online calls him their “MVP,” saying:

“Yau-Man is absolutely valuable to his tribe. He might not be their physically strongest player, but he sure will come in handy. Now all he needs to do is make some allies and he’ll be around for a while. Well played, Yau-Man, and enjoy your MVP status.”

And TV Squad thinks “This man needs his own reality show where he solves crimes or something like that after this season ends.” 

Not everyone on Ravu Tribe is getting the love.  Roger Catlin at thinks that for Ravu, “their biggest problem comes when the Sylvia, architect by trade and by practice on the island – designing the shelter she’s been denied and dividing up castaways into teams – returns from Exile Island only to find herself an outsider with Lucy Van Pelt syndrome – she’s just too bossy.”

Reality News Online thinks that – despite their mental weakness in the challenges – Ravu might be using their noggins when it comes to voting decisions:

“Tribe Ravu came to a correct understanding of who to vote out in the latest episode of Survivor. After just a couple of challenges it’s clear that they need more brainpower, having brought leads from the physical aspect of those challenges only to lose them when it got down to the mental portion. Sylvia fits the bill better than Erica there, and she’s got a bonus as somebody that can be carried far without threatening for the win.”

Jam Television thinks the Rich/Poor division is a huge mistake:

“If you didn't know it last week, you darn sure realized it this week after viewing the second episode of "Survivor: Fiji." Mark Burnett and company have not only dropped the ball, it freaking fell down one of those cartoon holes that leads right to China or the centre of the Earth… All the Fiji twist has done is totally slaughter any sense of competition when it comes to the all-important challenges that pretty much determine the course of the game.”

I don’t know that I agree, or at least not yet.  Ravu was actually in the lead for the physical part of the challenge this episode, and it was during the mental part of the challenge that they lost.  I am the kind of person whose IQ drops about 20 points when my blood sugar is low, so I could see how the conditions might be making the Ravu tribe collectively less smart.  But… last week when the Ravu team members were as equally hydrated and fed as Moto, they still lost at the mental piece.  So while it is clear that the Rich/Poor division is a factor, I don’t see that it “totally slaughter[s]” the competition, at least not yet. 

Without water, though, Ravu is going to fade fast.  Licking leaves might keep you alive, but I don’t think it can make you a winning tribe.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist