Survivor: Fiji - Episode 13 Live Thoughts
The Four Horsemen have been vanquished, so things should get interesting.  The word is that this episode will hold some pretty important happenings.  We shall see.  This is the last Thursday episode of Survivor: Fiji; the two hour finale is on Sunday.  So, since there are six left, that means we'll have one outcast tonight, followed by two voted off on Sunday going into a three-headed tribal council.  Anyway, what follows are my live thoughts while watching the episode.

Earl leads the charge at the outset of this episode to take down Boo next.  I'm rooting for Boo at this point.  Earl thinks he's the man.  I don't buy into it, Earl.  I know who's really running the show.  That's right: Yau-Man.

Wow, this is interesting.  The reward challenge is for a car.  Dreamz pleads with the other Survivors to let him have the truck because he doesn't have a car.  He's never even had a license.  That's a tough one for everybody.

This is a two part challenge.  Earl, Dreamz and Cassandra are one team, Yau-Man, Stacy and Boo on the other.  Each team is tied to each other by a rope, and have to overcome a number of obstacles.  The winning team gets to take a bunch of school supplies to a nearby school.  It's not a car, it's a truck actually.

Yau-Man, Stacy and Boo win the first part in a comeback.  The next part, with all three competing against each other for the truck, is an axe-throwing contest.  They have to break some rope.  You'll understand when you see it.

Yau-Man wins the challenge.  This is one of the craziest thing that I have ever seen. 

So, here's how things went down.  Yau-Man wins the truck.  He then asks Jeff if he can negotiate.  Jeff says okay.  Yau-Man tells Dreamz that he will give him the truck on one condition: that if Dreamz win the immunity in the round of four, he has to give that immunity to Yau-Man.  Dreamz agrees.  Jeff cautions Yau that this is unenforceable; it's Dreamz' word.  Yau is okay.  And, then, the kicker: Yau sends himself to Exile Island.

Yau-Man might be my favorite Survivor ever.

Yau-Man feels really good about giving Dreamz the car, calling it the "biggest gift he's ever given."

This will be crazy if Yau-Man finds the other immunity idol. 

Dreamz, Stacy, Boo and Probst arrive at the school and hand out supplies to some very happy looking kids.  They even give the teachers a mobile teachers office.  Cool stuff.

Dreamz realizes what Yau-Man has done with his immunity deal.  He realizes that once he gets to the final four, he's almost certainly gone.  So, Dreamz says that he should do his best to get rid of Yau-Man as soon as possible. 

While everyone is away, Earl searches endlessly for the hidden idol.

Cassandra is iffy on the whole voting off Yau-Man thing.

Immunity challenge time.

It involves throwing a grapple-ball into a hoop , that you pull down into a balance beam.  First four across their beams move on to the next round, where they do more of the same.

The four guys make it to the next round.  Yau-Man makes it to the finals.  So does Boo.

Boo wins immunity.  Well, that changes some things in the tribe.  Voting for Yau-Man might be the prudent move. 

Coming back to camp, Yau tells Earl the location of the hidden idol.  He's deduced that the idol is in the hollow of a pine tree near a tower of rock.


So, this makes things not so fun.  However, if Dreamz can pull people together and vote Yau-Man out, it might come as a surprise to Yau.

Stacy seems to mentally dominate Earl, telling him that she accepts her fate. 

Earl and Yau seem to think that everyone is voting Stacy, although Yau gets a little suspicious.

Probst explains the deal Yau and Dreamz made after the reward challenge. 

This is intense.  Stacy might have just given away their plan to vote out Yau.  Not sure.

Time to vote.

Will Yau use his immunity idol? 


Damn, that man is good.

Wow.  Yau is so proud of himself, it's ridiculous.  He should be, I suppose.  That was one of the most impressive single episode performances by any Survivor ever.  Nice work, Yau.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer