Survivor Fiji: Class Warfare?
In a candid interview with ASAP blog "The Slug," Survivor host Jeff Probst provides even more details into the upcoming season of Survivor: Fiji. He admits that the creative team behind Survivor is feeling more and more challenged each season to come up with a new twist for their successful formula, saying: "We're now into our 14th season. It's not an endless well. We realize it's very apparent in the room we bring up an idea either we've already done a version of or some other reality show, which there are now hundreds, has already done. That pie is sliced so thin."
Last season saw Survivor dividing the contestants up by race. For Survivor: Fiji, the producers are creating yet another societal microcosm by creating a sort of upper/lower-class division among the two teams One team will live in a relatively-luxurious shelter (like a "Ralph Lauren picnic" says Probst), while the other will be in the usual, miserable Survivor-style camp with few resources. Probst says that, during filming, "It was fascinating to watch the rich tribe get lazy and entitled and the poor tribe get desperate and resentful." Probst admits to being disappointed that the racial divide idea of last season was "bailed on...two weeks in" after all the controversy it engendered, so it should be interesting to see how long they are able to maintain the class divide with the new season. Probst also reveals that the odd-number of Survivors, previously reported here on BuddyTV, was not planned by the producers. Rather, the cast was intended to be an even twenty, but the night before the game began, one woman panicked. The producers, show medical doctor, and psychologist attempted to reassure her, but she was not comfortable and opted to leave. This required some shifts in how the game carried out, the specifics of which Probst left vague in the interview. We will have to tune in to find out! Survivor: Fiji's premiere episode will air on CBS on February 8th, 8:00 PM/7:00 PM Central. - Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist