Survivor: China - Zhan Hu Top 7 Power Rankings
Is one hour of television enough to devise power rankings for each Survivor: China tribe?  Probably not, but it never hurts to try.  For Survivor obsessives like yours truly, there can never be enough speculation and inane Survivor babble, especially when last Thursday's premiere set the table for what looks to be a great season.  There's a sixth sense in me that kind of just knows when a great season of Survivor is on the way.  The cast has to click and it looks like CBS did a great job of casting complex people with discernible flaws, yet kept the almost entire cast somewhat likable.  Today, I'm ranking the Zhan Hu tribe, tomorrow we'll hit up Fei Long. 

#7 – Peih-Gee Law

If Peih-Gee isn't the next one voted off this tribe, it will be an absolute shock.  Peih-Gee has already started annoying her fellow castaways AND made a failed power play by claiming she wanted to be the tribe's leader.  Dave is clearly a better choice in that department.  Peih-Gee just seems insufferably bossy and unbearable.  I can't imagine her tribe mates taking her crap for any extended period of time, even if it's bad strategery. 

#6 – Ashley Massaro

I like Ashley, thinks she's a fun, tough personality, but I don't think it's right for Survivor.  She's not going to pull any punches, she's going to be brutally honest and, frankly, she's going to be threatening.  Whether it's the case or not, people will consider Ashley a threat, a title that Ashley probably won't back down over, but a title that could get her voted out early.

#5 – Erik Huffman

I have no idea about Erik.  We saw only glimpses of him in the first episode, so your guess is as good as mine.  Consider this placement temporary.

#4 – Sherea Lloyd


#3 – Jaime Dugan

Easy-going, attractive Southern girls typically fare well.  If you're not someone to rock the boat early in the game, and it appears Jaime will not, and you aren't horrendous at challenges, then you'll stick around for a while.  She needs to align with some strong players early and if she can do that it could be smooth sailing into the jury.

#2 – Michael 'Frosti' Zernow

Frosti is an athletic menace.  Anyone who is a parkour expert is not to be messed with.  That leap onto the wall last week was only a taste of what Frosti can and will do physically.  He doesn't seem like a natural leader, and it's unclear whether he's exceptionally easy to get along with.  I like the comparisons between Frosti and former Survivor runner-up and challenge force Ozzy Lusth.  Frosti will be responsible for the most challenge victories this season,  Mark it down.

#1 – Dave Cruser

Usually, I'd be pre-disposed to hate a former male model, just out of principle.  They're almost like male cheerleaders in my book (that book being “Irrational, Blanket Demographical Hatred”).  But, Dave looked like a winner in the premiere episode.  He was a likable, natural leader, something the tribe needed.  It also helps that Peih-Gee is the only other leadership option, which makes Dave seem incredible by comparison.  Taking over the “leader” role is a precarious position.  It's worked before, but more often it's placed an in-erasable target on the leader's back.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of CBS)