Survivor China: Episode 2, "My Mom Is Going To Kill Me!" Live Thoughts
On tonight's episode of Survivor, the teams mud wrestle for their competition.  Jean-Robert kicks his strategy into gear, intentionally trying to be disliked.  Dave tries to organize his tribe.  Can Fei Long continue their winning streak or will Zhan Hu give them a run for their money?  I'm here for the hour with live thoughts and feel free to post what you're thinking, too.  Here we go.

Zhan Hu's camp looks terrible.  It's completely drenched, as is the rest of the tribe.  PG is already on my nerves and it's only episode 2.  Dave became a popular leader for about 0.2 seconds.  His tribe is already done with him. 

What did I say on the forums, guys?  Jean-Robert was the one with the strategy to TRY to not be liked.  Oh, it's working.  They don't like him.  Todd, Aaron, and Amanda made a final 3 deal.  Already?  Jaime gets a double whammy when first, she doesn't get any rice and then, gets mud splattered all over her.  Dave and Ashley are fighting.  Everyone needs a sandwich.

As Jeff said, "Prepare to get dirty!"  It's time for a reward challenge and fishing gear and a boat are up for grabs.  There's a twist but they'll find out later.  I hope it's the kidnapping twist.   On top of the muddy conditions, it begins raining.  Giant balls are released into the mud and water and teams must roll them across the playing field to their goal.  Girl fight!  Clothes are flying everywhere.  I bet the men are wishing for a Survivor After Dark on Showtime.

Fei Long wins and learns they do get to kidnap someone so they take Jaime.  She gets secret information to open in private.  The tribe immediately celebrates by taking a trip in their new boat.  Jaime gets a clue about a hidden immunity idol to a member of the opposing tribe.  Ooh, interesting.

I would be yelling about Jean-Robert's lazy attitude if I didn't know that it was all strategy.  Can I yell about the Zhan Hu tribe instead?  They're on my nerves.  Can anyone have a civil conversation?   Leslie is crying because she doesn't have her bible.  Jaime is looking for the weakest player to give the clue too and she chooses Leslie.  She calls it "a gift from the Lord" or, as I call it, "Survivor producers".

Leslie opens her mouth and tells Todd she has the clue.  Grrrr... keep that to yourself.  Has anyone learned anything from last season?

Back to the mud for the immunity challenge.  Tribes have to use a log pole to smash through walls, eventually making it to a puzzle.  Zhan Hu is pulling ahead, perhaps they won't have to go back to tribal council tonight.  It's neck and neck.  Fei Long pulls ahead at last second.  Sorry, Zhan Hu.  You're voting somebody out.

Dave apologizes to his tribe for the loss.  He might be on the block.  Ashley is lying around again, still sick.  Where's the pro wrestler?  The two who are probably up for elimination are arguing at tribal council.  The tribe is coming down on Dave for doing too much.  I don't like his attitude either but if they get rid of him, they'll be sorry.

The tribe turns on Ashley, the wrestler, and votes her out.  Tomorrow, Ashley will be talking to BuddyTV about her time on Survivor China.  Don't miss it!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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