'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' Recap: Rock the Swing Vote
'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' Recap: Rock the Swing Vote
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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Last week, Ciera decided to flip on her majority alliance of Tyson, Gervase and Monica, to go with Hayden and forced Katie out by drawing rocks. Now let's see how she'll face the music.

Tina is happy to see her daughter at Redemption Island, but she realizes that this puts her in a difficult position by having to go up against her in the arena. Tina isn't opposed to letting Katie win but Katie thinks they should both try their hardest. But Tina's maternal instinct is to let Katie win.

Back at Kasama, Hayden can't believe that his plan worked and that he's still there, although he would have preferred if Tyson had gone home. He literally draws a line in the sand that separates him and Ciera from the other three.

As always, Monica starts to get on Tyson's nerves by constantly talking strategy with him, and now she's worried that either Hayden or Ciera has an idol. Which, um, if Hayden had an idol already, wouldn't the last Tribal Council have been the ideal time to play it? But to shut Monica up, Tyson admits to her and Gervase that he has an idol. And instead of this making her feel more confident in their alliance, Monica gets salty because Tyson withheld that information for so long.

Ciera is proud of herself for making a move, even though Katie went home. She and Hayden plot to drive a wedge between the other alliance to get themselves to the finals.

Redemption Island

After they arrive in the arena, Tina says this is her hardest day of playing Survivor ever.

But all that emotional drama is forgotten soon enough. The challenge is for the survivors to construct a long stick using board and rope to use the stick to reach for three keys beyond the gate. The first two people to retrieve all of their keys and open their gate will stay in the game. And the first person done gets a clue to the hidden immunity idol.

Surprise, surprise, Laura M. dominates the former winner and her offspring. She literally has all three of her keys before either one of the blondes has a single one. She wins outright and gives the clue to Ciera.

Tina and Katie battle it out a bit, Tina with a slight lead. When Tina's stick breaks, Katie has a chance to catch up, but she drops her key in the sand, because she is useless. Tina goes on to get all three of her keys but before she opens her gate, she makes sure Katie is okay with this. Katie tells her to go through the gate. They emotionally embrace and Katie is finally sent walking. Only like 29 days after she should have been voted off in the first place.


Ciera and Hayden read the clue for the hidden immunity idol and they're looking for it in the right spot by the big tree. But of course they can't find it because Tyson's holding. Hayden suspects this may be the case when they don't find it.

Monica feels very appreciative that Gervase and Tyson didn't switch their votes at the last Tribal Council and even risked drawing rocks to keep her there. But whoops, if she thinks that was a personal move and not 100% strategic for both Gervase and Tyson then she's sorely mistaken.

Ciera and Hayden think the only way they can penetrate the majority alliance is through Monica. Hayden tells Ciera to throw the guys under the bus hard, and that way maybe she'll consider switching to play with the "good guys."

Immunity Challenge

For immunity this week, the survivors have to swim maneuvering a buoy on a rope through the water. When they've gone through the course, they have to go back to the beach and untie some puzzle pieces and then unscramble the letters of a popular Jeff Probst saying. The winner also gets to order off of a menu to have dinner delivered to them back at camp.

It's Hayden and Tyson in the lead right off the start as they barrel their way through the water. Monica and Gervase are not far behind and of course Ciera is barely even still in the challenge.

Tyson is the first back to the beach to start doing his puzzle. Everyone else is close behind except Ciera, who seems to have given up as she comes trudging up the beach several minutes later.

But lo and behold, everyone is struggling with the puzzle which leaves time for Ciera to get back in it. And she does! She wins her first individual immunity and she chooses Hayden to share it with. Not surprising, but maybe it would have been a better idea to take Monica to try to drive a wedge in her alliance.

Loser Shuffle

Hayden and Ciera have a date night picnic set up at camp for them when they get back where they chow on burgers and pizza. They agree to go full throttle at Monica to try to get her to sway by getting to her through her emotions.

Ciera approaches Monica after dinner and tells her "honestly, woman to woman" that Tyson has been talking "mad crap" about her for the entire game. She tells her that Tyson refers to her as his "dog on a leash" and that she will literally do anything he tells her to do. When Monica points to the fact that he drew rocks for her, Ciera says that he only did that for his own good. She tells her that she and Hayden are voting Gervase tonight, and that Monica should do the same if she wants to go to the end with good people.

Poor Monica is really hurt by everything that Ciera told her. She starts tearing up and she's really sad to hear that Tyson has been saying nasty things, saying that she came into the game knowing that she might have to lie and mislead, but she never wanted to hurt anyone.

Tribal Council

Hayden admits to Jeff right away that he knows that he and Ciera are on the bottom. But he says even if you blow it in a challenge, you have to focus on aspects of the game that you can control. Then he immediately starts to stir the pot - telling Monica that the only reason Tyson didn't flip on Monica and went to rocks was because both of the members of her alliance think that they can beat her.

Ciera stays on strategy, continuing to reiterate to Monica how rude Tyson has been. Gervase finds it ironic that no one has confronted Monica with this information before when it happened, as opposed to now when they're desperate. Unfortunately, he has a point.

Ciera and Hayden even try to tell Monica that she should play a game that her kids and husband would be proud of, and that would mean playing "her own game." And of course by "her own game," they mean their game.

Monica still seems like a battered baby bird but she makes a speech about being resilient and proving that she's considering everything before she makes her decision. And she assures them that whatever the decision is, she's playing for her.

Tyson must have felt confident enough in Monica's loyalty because he doesn't play his immunity idol. And Monica doesn't sway. Ciera and Hayden vote Gervase, and the remaining three vote for Hayden, so Hayden is sent home.

Hayden has played real hard in the last few weeks so I wouldn't count him out to come back from Redemption Island. But Laura is really going to be hard to beat.

See you on Sunday for the season finale! Who do you think will win the million dollars?

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