'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' Recap: Watch Your Blindside
'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' Recap: Watch Your Blindside
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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Last week on Survivor, Ciera pulled the old vote-out-your-mom trick. She's hoping that the move will solidify her in her alliance and prove that she's trustworthy.

Except whoopsie, now Tyson, arguably the person controlling this game, thinks that she's a threat to his game. If he decides she needs to go, her voting out her mom may be for nothing.

Redemption Island

Laura tricks Tina when she comes to Redemption Island by calling, "Mommmm," so Tina thinks that it's Katie coming to RI. Rude, but kind of hilarious. The three at Redemption talk about how the tribe needs to get rid of Tyson ASAP, who is clearly in charge.

The challenge is for Vytas, Tina and Laura to maneuver four colored cubes through a rope tunnel. Then they have to stack the cubes without having any colors repeating on any sides.

Laura and Vytas are off to a quick start while Tina lags behind. They both start stacking before Tina even has three boxes loose. But as soon as Tina gets her cubes, she's right back in it.

Laura wins the challenge. When Vytas tries to look at hers, she starts to spin it so he can't copy it. Then she gives Tina some hints. With Laura's help, Tina finishes and stays in the game.

Laura gives the immunity idol clue to Ciera, who makes the decision to burn it. I know Tyson already has the idol, but this still infuriates me. No one should be that confident about their place in the game.


Tyson wants to make sure everyone in their alliance is on the same page with getting rid of Katie next. He's convinced she already has three sure votes on the jury with Aras and Vytas, and then eventually Tina.

But Hayden thinks now is the best time for him and Caleb to make a big move and take out Tyson. They tell Ciera about their plan, and she smiles and nods and seems excited about "taking out the veterans."

But really she is feeling uneasy about Caleb and Hayden going against their alliance of five. She says she doesn't trust them and doesn't want to play the game with people who flip-flop so easy, not realizing that it may be her best chance at winning, she goes and tells Tyson all about Caleb and Hayden's plan. Not only that, but she tells Tyson that she will vote with him at every single Tribal Council from now until the end.

So of course now Tyson is paranoid and he tells Gervase he wants to get rid of Caleb. While Caleb in essence is still a threat to win because of his likability, I think his reasoning behind getting rid of Katie and her locked-in jury votes made more sense.

The next day, Caleb and Hayden notice that Ciera doesn't make eye contact with them. They're immediately suspicious when she goes to get tree mail with Tyson. It makes Hayden paranoid and wondering about what their next move is.

Immunity Challenge

The challenge is for the survivors to hold a handle that has a rope raveled around it that's holding a bucket with 25% of their body weight in water. Whoever holds on the longest to their bucket will win immunity.

But there's a twist! Anyone who feels confident enough with their position in the game can choose to sit out of the challenge and eat a barbecue feast. #EatOrCompete.

Gervase, Tyson and Ciera opt to sit out and eat while everyone else plays. Not only that, but they gloat and antagonize the players in the challenge whilst they feast.

Katie is the first one out of the challenge, naturally. And Caleb drops out after a good amount of time later. It's between Monica and Hayden, and Hayden just can't center himself and hold on as long as Monica. So she wins her third immunity challenge this season. She is really dominating these challenges this season and she says she wants to prove to her kids that Brad Culpepper isn't the only badass in their family. GET IT, MONICA.

Loser Shuffle

Hayden says that it's very telling that Ciera, Gervase and Tyson chose to sit out of the challenge. But he and Caleb formulate a new strategy to approach Tyson and say that Ciera has been playing the other side of the fence and telling them that Tyson is gunning for one of them. That way they can all go into Tribal together voting for Ciera.

Tyson isn't surprised when Caleb and Hayden tell them that Ciera's been plotting. But at this point he's not sure if he should trust them, or if they're just trying to get votes away from one of them so they can just vote him out. On the other hand, he's still not convinced that Ciera is completely trustworthy and he's seen how sneaky she can be.

Tribal Council

Hayden admits to Jeff that he was a bit jealous of the people who sat out of the challenge because he clearly doesn't feel as comfortable in the game as they do. And Caleb says he wasn't surprised to see any of them sit out, especially Ciera, who admits that she sat out mostly because she didn't think she would be able to win the challenge to begin with.

Tyson and Gervase both say that they're comfortable an their alliances, and Gervase even gives Hayden a meaningful look when he says this, which makes Ciera nervous. The only thing they can all agree on is that there probably will be a blindside tonight.

Tyson decides that he's at risk enough to play his idol, which you can't really blame him for considering the way he went out of the game the last two times he played. He also takes like five minutes digging it out of his bag, which even brings a bemused smile to Jeff Probst's face.

But without a single vote cast against him, the immunity idol was played completely in vane. And Caleb is the one blindsided tonight.

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8pm on CBS.

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