Survivor airs a day early this week, shakes up tribes
Don't forget to catch Survivor tonight! Yes, Wednesday. Last week basketball pre-empted Survivor, unusually – in the past they've usually just moved it to another day of the week during March Madness. Well, this week they're back to that plan, bumping out Jericho at eight.

CBS's press release for the episode, "I've Strength Now to Carry the Flag," says the castaways will "face a major shake-up."

"When two all-new tribes are formed, some of the castaways experience true hardship while other newfound luxury and strategy changes when one Survivor realizes their old alliance no longer has the majority in their new tribe."

Finally, maybe we'll get an exciting new episode instead of more deja-vu. But how will the new tribes be formed? Randomly, or will someone choose? Whatever happens, this can only be good news for members of the ailing Ravu tribe. What will happen to existing alliances? Does Michelle have a better chance tonight, if she (probably) won't be the only woman left in her tribe?  

This has been the first time in Survivor history that the first five contestants voted out have all been of the same gender. Survivor Fiji has also made other firsts this season – while other seasons have seen Survivors leave because of injuries (Michael in Australia, and Bruce in Panama,) in the past this has meant no other contestant left in the same episode. As well, Moto's win of the first eight challenges set a new record for consecutive wins by one tribe. But that's over after tonight.

So, will the new tribes make a big difference? What do you think? Any bets on who'll be teamed up?

What's left of the Ravu Tribe at this point:
Mookie Lee
Yau-Man Chan
Earl Cole
Michelle Yi
James "Rocky" Reid
Anthony Robinson

Currently remaining on the Moto Tribe:
Stacy Kimball
Cassandra Franklin
Andre "Dreamz" Herd
Alex Angarita
Kenward "Boo" Bernis
Edgardo Rivera
Lisi Lisette

-Mel, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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Photo courtesy of CBS