Survivor: Tocantins - Episode 8 "The Dragon Slayer" Recap (Page 2/2)
JT teaches Tyson how to fish.  Male Bonding 101.  JT admits that he didn't expect to get along with Tyson, but he does.  They hit it off, and the four-pronged alliance is in the works.  Tyson really wants to get rid of Brendan.  Tyson takes Debra to get some firewood to discuss the alliance.  Taj is worried that the Exile Alliance is, possibly, no more.  Brendan and Sierra have yet to make any contact with them.  Brendan is going to bide his time with the Exile alliance.  Debra is on board with the five-person alliance.  Tyson talks a lot of smack about owning Brendan.

Meanwhile, Joe and Erinn are still working together.  They check the spot where the idol would be at Timbira – it's not there.  They know Brendan or Sierra has it.

Immunity Challenge

Probst unveils the individual immunity necklace.  The challenge is simple.  Each player has to hold on to a pole.  Last one still on the pole wins immunity.  They begin about 15 feet off the ground.  Joe is struggling early, but it is Stephen who falls off first.  Joe falls off soon after.  His leg wound is still nasty.  Brendan falls off next, then Erinn, in quick succession.  Coach and Tyson haven't moved.  Neither have Sierra or Debra.  Twenty minutes in, JT is off.  Only Timbirans left.  Coach jumps off on his own accord.  Sierra is next, and she scrapes the pole the whole way down.  It's Debra and Tyson.  After over thirty minutes, Debra falls off. 

Tyson Apostol wins individual immunity.  He dominated. 

Joe gets his leg looked at by one of the Survivor doctors as Jeff Probst looks on.  The doctor says there's a bunch of puss under his injury.  Joe wants to stay in the game.  She says if the infection reaches the blood stream, he'd be risking death.  That's not good news.

At Forza, the rain starts pouring down.  The former Timbirans agree to vote out JT, because Joe is injured.  Tyson is still on board with voting out Brendan, and he lets Stephen and JT know this.  Those two are still unsure.  Brendan is going bring the immunity idol to tribal, and he says he's willing to use it. 

JT and Coach reassure each other of their intentions.  Stephen and JT concoct a scenario where they split the votes, get four or five on Brendan and then three on Sierra, so if an idol is played, then Sierra will go home.  We'll see what happens.  Something that complicated rarely works out.  Coach acts like he's orchestrated the whole thing.  Unfortunately, he hasn't. 

Probst shows up at camp, which is bad news for Joe.  Joe is gone.  He had to go home.  So, no tribal council tonight.  That was a buzz-kill.  All that scheming for nothing.  Tyson is upset – he really wanted to get Brendan out.  Joe is taken out of the Brazilian Highlands on a helicopter.  Episode over.


-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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