Exclusive Interview: Steve "Chicken" Morris of 'Survivor China'
It's never good to be the first one voted out of a reality show.  You feel like you never really got to show what you could do and you also probably rubbed people the wrong way.  Steve "Chicken" Morris, a Virginia native, was voted out by his tribe for being difficult while building a shelter. He campaigned to get rid of Ashley Massaro, who got sick and hardly did anything around camp for three days, but the tribe wasn't on his side.  Before going to China for Survivor, Chicken had never been on a plane or out of the country.  The experience is one he'll never forget and yesterday, he talked with BuddyTV about his time in China.

Below, you will find the transcript and mp3 of the interview.

Hey everybody this is Gina from BuddyTV and I'm talking to Chicken from Survivor: China. Chicken, how you doing this morning?

I'm doing great this morning! How are you?

I'm doing great. I'm glad to talk to you although I'm sorry you got eliminated first. Before you signed up for Survivor: China, had you done a lot of traveling, around the world at least?

I have not been anywhere. Never flown, never been on a bus. I haven’t done anything. Never been nowhere, never been on vacation. I haven't ever been anywhere because that's what was so extraordinary about this trip.

What was it like to be in China? It must've been such a complete culture shock having never been anywhere.

Big time, big time. You have no idea. The people, the culture, the travellin'. Seeing what they work for everyday. What they don’t have, what they're not gonna have, and what we have under our feet everyday. We are definitely blessed people in the States, let me tell you.

How did you feel when you were standing in that temple?

When I was standin’ in the temple, I was absolutely astonished, I was so proud to be there. The temple and the things that Jeff [Probst] tells us about the temple, I'll never ever forget.

I wasn't surprised when Jeff sent you guys into the game with the clothes on your back, but you guys looked surprised.

I was surprised, all except for wearing the heavy blue jeans in the footage. I don’t think it was a disadvantage for us, you know, four of the guys didn't have underwear on, so, you know, they had to play in their jeans. I'm not one of them, but I still wouldn't have taken my jeans off and played in my underwear.

I'm sure you were grateful you were wearing underwear that day.

Yeah, but the only thing I was uncomfortable with was those boots. They were Ropers, and when they get wet, they're going to be wet and they're not gonna dry.

Now I'm surprised that you ended up being the one to go home, because I figured like some of the other girls were bigger targets. You seemed like you were caught off guard too.

I was caught off guard. You want to keep your strong guy around, you want to keep your smart guy around. I think what happened last night was, a couple things happened in those three days. You know, we're 16 different people, from 16 different walks of life, and that's what makes the end of the show. Actually, last night, you're right. Ashley should've went last night, because Ashley done the least in three days…

And usually when they started voting out their strongest people, it only hurts them in the end.

Exactly right. You know, I have no idea what happens, but the next few weeks to come, they're going to miss Chicken, they're gonna miss Chicken. Whether it's the next day, or that night, or whenever, it may be way off down the line, and I may be totally wrong, they may not miss me at all, you know. But realistically, the way that you look at it, and the way that I look at it, if you want to play a good game, you should keep the stronger people, and I think on Wednesday when we came out of the immunity challenge, they're all standing there in a circle, and my name comes up first. You know, they didn't think. They didn't think about the strongest or the smartest guy or the oldest guy, my name was the first to come up. And they says, "Well you know if it ain't me, I don't care who goes!" They're just not thinking.

Yeah, and there's still a lot to do around the camp, too. So without you, that's going to hurt them.

Yeah, you know me and Dave, the shelter still wouldn't be built to this day if it weren't for me and Dave! It's not really brutally hard work, I mean, it's not.  You just gotta stay busy. Me and Dave, we do about 60 percent of the work, and they're standing around in a huddle looking at us, and nobody's doing anything. And I'm tellin' Dave, "Dave, where's this gonna get us?  It might buy us two or three days, it might buy us a week, but Dave what we buildin' these people a shelter for?  You know, let them jump in here and help. And that way when we leave, we didn't do all the work." You know, and the way I am, if you help me, I'll help you. I just took care of those people. I could've fed them, I could walk down to that lake and caught fish within 30 minutes from the time I was out.

Well I think you're going to be missed there and I hope we get to catch up more with you on the finale. I just wanted to thank you for your time, Chicken, and I wish you good luck in Virginia!

Hey, thank you, Gina.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of CBS)