Do you want to be on Survivor, Big Brother, or The Amazing Race?
CBS has just released applications online at for their three big reality shows: Survivor, Big Brother, and The Amazing Race. CBS, as far as I can tell, releases these applications with little fanfare, seemingly so they aren't overwhelmed with excess audition tapes and applications. Here are the links: Survivor Application Page Big Brother Application Page The Amazing Race Application Page
There are also a number of open casting calls that you can attend in person. The dates, locations and times of these can be found on the application pages. I've always wanted to apply for The Amazing Race or Survivor; maybe I'll do both. If you can't make one of the open casting calls (which is likely), then, to apply, you must make a short video of yourself and send it in to the producers. I don't know what the key to making these videos is, or what exactly producers are looking for (it certainly helps if you're good-looking), because every season of every show is different. I'm guessing that The Amazing Race is a little easier to get onto than Survivor, if only for the mere fact that less people apply for The Amazing Race. If recent seasons are any indication, if you're applying to be on Big Brother, you're going to need to be young and very attractive. -Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer