Buddy Bites: 'Survivor' Season 22 Casting Spoilers, 'Blood' Star Engaged, New 'Hulk' Series
Ben Watson
Ben Watson
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Survivor: Redemption Island
Casting Spoilers

Spoilers about the next season of Survivor are surfacing and the news ranges everywhere from OMG to WTF! It's long been known that the 22 season of Survivor would also film in Nicaragua but now we are getting rumors that the show will have a redemption theme. Each castaway will be there with something to prove. The big talk around town is that Russell Hantz and Boston Rob will be coming back as leaders of opposing tribes.
I still can't wrap my head around this one. You mean to tell me that two of the shows greatest villains in the show's history will go head-to-head? I am a little worried about Russell fatigue; this will mean that the last three out of four seasons will have featured Russell, but pitting him against Rob could be genius.

Join the discussion. What do you think about Boston Rob and Russel coming back?

But the Russell/Rob addition isn't the craziest thing about the season. It looks like we will have another recognizable castaway. The controversy magnet Carrie Prejean, the former Miss California who spoke out against same-sex marriage during the Miss USA pageant will also be donning a buff. I still don't know how I feel about celebrities on the show. If Jimmy Johnson showed us anything it is that celebrity wont get you too far on Survivor. [Popcrunch]

True Blood True Love
Sorry werewolf lovers, it looks like Alcide Herveaux is off the market. Well actually the hunky actor who plays Alcide, Joe Manganiello that is. The True Blood star popped the question to his girlfriend, actress Audra Marie, while on vacation in Italy. The pair met before Manganiello was even cast on True Blood. The must be something in the Tru Blood beverage because a few months ago Manganiello's cast mates Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin also sealed the deal. Looks like you will now have to find another werewolf boyfriend. [Popeater]

Hulk 2.0
Is the ABC series No Ordinary Family not giving you enough of your superhero fix? Well the alphabet network is working on developing a TV series that would bring the ill-tempered, gamma ray inflicted, Incredible Hulk back to the tube. The franchise is no stranger to TV, the series has a great run a few decades ago with Lou Ferrigno playing the Hulk and Bill Bixby playing Bruce Banner. With all the CGI out there I am not convinced that a Hulk series is a terrible idea. The last two film efforts didn't shatter any box office records so why not return to a proven medium for the franchise? [THR]

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