Who Is the Real Baddie of 'Supernatural' Season 13?
Who Is the Real Baddie of 'Supernatural' Season 13?
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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Given the way that Supernatural season 12 ended, the primary antagonist (or obstacle) for Sam and Dean seems obvious. Sam and Dean were unable to halt the birth of Lucifer's son, Jack.  According to the show's SDCC panel Jack will play a big part in the season. Jack just won't be the Big Bad. 

In an interview with TVLine, showrunner Andrew Dabb talked about the main villain of season 13 and said, "Jack is not the biggest threat they are dealing with it's an old -- let's call him friend -- who we have not seen for many years." This "friend" is not "currently in our world" but comes from the alternate world that was introduced in the season 12 finale.

This description could mean anyone given that there are people that are alive in the alternate world that have been dead for years in Sam and Dean's world and vice versa. Yet there are a few characters that are more likely than some others, especially since Dabb seemed to imply the season 13 villain is male by referring to them as "he". Here are five possibilities of whom the evil blast from the past will be for Sam and Dean. 


There isn't much known about the alternate world but the big factoid we do know it is that Sam and Dean never existed but everyone and everything else that has plagued their family did or does exist. We learned from the alternate version of Bobby that Azazel killed both John and Mary. Azazel also likely succeeded in his original plan to cause the apocalypse because someone had to kickstart the doom that Bobby described. If that's the case then it's also very likely that Azazel is still kicking in the world and causing mischief. He would certainly qualify as an "old friend" having been last seen (alive) in season 2. 

The beauty of making Azazel the central baddie of season 13 is that Fredric Lehne doesn't have to reprise the role. Lehne played Azazel's most famous (and best vessel) but being a demon Azazel could be played by nearly any actor. There could also be a very cool twist where after killing the alternate Mary Winchester, Azazel took on her appearance so that Samantha Smith could pull double duty as Mama Winchester and the big villain. Smith has played Azazel albeit very briefly before after all. 

Adam Milligan 

The alternate world is one without Sam and Dean but it is not necessarily one without a son of John Winchester. According to the other Bobby, John Winchester has been dead for quite some time and was apparently never separated from Mary but there is still some possibility that Adam Winchester / Milligan did exist and got even more twisted without his big half-brothers around. 

In recent years Supernatural has made a lot more references than usual to its earlier seasons. Among those references have been ones about Adam. Having a twisted or evil version of Adam come after Sam and Dean would be a nice way to call back to the early years and give Sam and Dean a threat they've never faced. 


Gabriel was never much of an outright villain on Supernatural. Gabriel was certainly an antagonist but one that had a bit of affection for Sam and Dean. He even ended up sacrificing himself by standing up to Lucifer for the brothers. It's arguable to say that Gabriel only had those positive qualities because of Sam and Dean's influence. Without them he might have been much, much more ruthless which could be explored in the alternate world. 

Gabriel is also a fan favorite who Supernatural has not really bothered to bring back. Richard Spleight Jr. has been very open about wanting to reprise his role, the story just hasn't been able to accommodate him outside of visions or illusions. The alternate dimension could be a way to bring back Gabriel, even if it is a more evil version, without undoing the importance and emotion of his initial sacrifice and death. 


If the apocalypse did happen in the alternate world it is likely that none of the angels survived. Especially an angel that was so vehemently opposed to Lucifer like Zachariah. Yet Kurt Fuller's Zachariah was such a wonderful jerk, it almost feels like a missed opportunity if he doesn't pop up in the alternate world. 

Zachariah's character functioned best on Supernatural in the build-up to Lucifer. It's hard to see how he could come in conflict with Sam and Dean in the alternate world, unless he was somehow on the other side of the apocalypse in the other world. Yet Zachariah's swarmy scheming is an element that has been missing from the more recent Supernatural bad guys. The British Men of Letters were the closest but eventually they devolved into just another physical threat with shock and awe tactics. Season 13 might be the time to bring back another intellectual villain. 


It's likely that the alternate version of Bobby will continuing filling the role he served in the season 12 finale. The other Bobby will be Sam and Dean's guide to this strange new reality and in that way get back to the roots of the character as The Winchesters' mentor and father figure. There could be a great and heartbreaking twist where the other Bobby is completely different from the one that fans know and love. The kind fatherly thing will only be an act. 

It has been hinted at by Andrew Dabb that the alternate world has more difference from "our world" than Sam and Dean never existing there. Characters might have radically different personalities and not just because of their experiences. Bobby might seem a lot like the old one but it could all be act, hiding a very dark secret and motivation. While it is easy to take Dabb's description of the season 13 villain as "old friend" as facetious, he might be dead serious and it will be Bobby who torments Sam and Dean the most next year.  

So who are your guesses for season 13's villain? Which "old friend" do you want to come back? Which of these characters do you think is most likely to come back? 

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