[Video] 'Supernatural' Sneak Peek: Sam and Dean's New Feud
[Video] 'Supernatural' Sneak Peek: Sam and Dean's New Feud
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Most of Supernatural season 9 has featured Sam and Dean feuding over Sam's unwillingness to save his brother's life. But in the final two episodes, that feud appears to have changed.

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In "Stairway to Heaven," the boys team up with Castiel and his angel army to track down the portal to Heaven so they can take down Metatron. However, the First Blade is still hanging over them.

This clip opens with a restless Dean waking his brother (it's never a good idea to startle a Winchester). The conversation quickly turns to whether Dean needs to carry around the First Blade everywhere he goes, like Linus' security blanket.

It seems that Sam has gotten over his willingness to let his brother die, because now he's incredibly concerned about his brother's well-being. Sam, like us, suspects that the magical effects of the First Blade aren't so good and that maybe Dean should stop using it until they can figure out what's going on.

This is a bit of a reversal on Sam's part, suddenly taking a more concerned interest in his brother's safety. Whatever happens with Metatron and Heaven, it's clear that Dean's dramatic changes courtesy of the First Blade will play a large role in the endgame for the Winchesters this season.

Supernatural airs Tuesday at 9pm on the CW.

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