'Supernatural' Winter Finale Recap: Do Sam and Dean Find Their Mom?
'Supernatural' Winter Finale Recap: Do Sam and Dean Find Their Mom?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The mid-season finale of Supernatural is always a good time to put the Winchesters in a precarious predicament. Last year the boys were arrested for attempting to assassinate the President. The year before Sam found himself trapped in the Cage in Hell with Lucifer. For season 13, an attempt to find Mary Winchesters finds the main characters spread across multiple dimensions. Yes, the multiverse is real.

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"The Bad Place" also brings back Jack, introduces a new Wayward Sister and ends with the Winchesters stuck somewhere new. Maybe they were just really excited that the new trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was released on the same day that this episode aired and the Winchesters didn't want to wait for the Summer.

Jack and the Dreamwalkers

Jack is searching for dreamwalkers, people who can travel to other worlds in their minds, so he can find Mary in Apocalypse World. He finds an artist named Derek, and while he's able to see the bad place, Derek ends up dead.

Sam and Dean track the case to Jack and end up visiting another dreamwalker named Kaia Nieves to learn more about the process. Kaia is an extremely powerful dreamwalker, but she takes drugs to suppress her abilities because all of her visions are of a different world she calls the Bad Place.

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Jack finds her, and conveniently Sam and Dean show up at the exact same time. They get Jack as Kaia runs away and he explains that his plan is to save Mary and that he didn't kill Derek. Jack was able to see Mary, locked in Evil Michael's cage, and he shares the vision with the Winchesters.

Kaia and the Angels

Kaia is kidnapped angels, who also killed Derek, because they want to use her as bait to get Jack. Sam, Dean and Jack show up and Jack uses his powers to kill one of the angels while the other gets away. They rescue Kaia, who is understandably confused to learn that angels are real and Jack is the son of Satan.

Kaia appreciates being saved, but she has no interest in dreamwalking. Dean threatens her with a gun to force her to help them because learning that his mom is still alive has led him down a dark path where he will do anything to save her.

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While Dean is a hard-ass, Jack uses his power to show Kaia visions of other worlds to reveal how her abilities can be a good thing and it's not all the Bad Place. During the drive to the sacred dreamwalking spot, the angels find them. The angels trap Sam, Dean, Jack and Kaia in a boatyard with no way out.

That's when Kaia decides to use his powers to help Jack find a door to another world so they can all escape safely instead of being killed by the angels. Jack and Kaia team up and find Mary, but it also switches over to the Bad Place The power is so overwhelming that Kaia is able to scream and kill all of the angels while also opening a portal between worlds.

Where Is Everyone?

The aftermath of Kaia and Jack's powers leaves everyone scattered. Kaia is on the side of a road in the regular world. Jack wakes up next to Mary's cage in Apocalypse World. But Sam and Dean are in the Bad Place, yet another world. They stand up and we see that they're standing in what looks like a massive footprint of a dinosaur, as we hear dino roars. Holy crap, Sam and Dean are in Dinosaur World!

I guess the show is embracing its new multiverse as this season has added the Bad Place, not to mention the Empty and Death's Library, to the previously introduced Apocalypse World. By now it's only a matter of time before Sam and Dean stumble into another alternate reality where masked superheroes and metahumans are real. I for one would love to see Castiel meet John Constantine.

Patience the Psychic

Missouri's granddaughter, the psychic, has a vision of the Winchesters in danger and goes to help them, even though her dad tells her that if she chooses the Hunter life, she can't come back home. Patience leaves anyway and goes to see Sheriff Jody Mills, telling her that something bad is coming while fulfilling her destiny of becoming another Wayward Sister for the potential spin-off.

How do you think Dean will react to seeing a dinosaur? Will he want to kill it, eat it or keep it as a pet?

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