'Supernatural' Theories: What is Castiel's Dirty Little Secret?
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Castiel has gradually taken center stage in the Heaven civil war plot and, not surprisingly, has gained the upper hand against Raphael by acquiring Heaven's weapons. What's shocking, though, is the fact that he has become even more mysterious and ambiguous than his usual self, causing many Supernatural fans to question his actions and motives. Apart from his unlikely alliance with Balthazar and the fact that he lied to Dean and Sam about why Balthazar tried to change history by preventing the Titanic from sinking, it has also been revealed by his ally Rachel that Castiel has a dirty little secret. We still don't know what that secret is since Rachel already died in Castiel's arms. Meanwhile, our readers and Facebook followers came up with very creative speculations on what Castiel is hiding. Here are some of the theories:

Lisa Wham: He is using the power of human souls as fuel for his army in the civil war in Heaven.

FrancaisRose: I think Cas is going to somehow betray the guys. I think he truly does care for Sam and Dean, but the war in Heaven against Raphael is going to cause him to do something he will probably regret and will result in him betraying the Winchesters. I think the weapons of Heaven are going to come into play and it may even be connected to Sam's soul or even Bobby's soul.

DonnaGafford: I think that Cas pulled Sam out, left his soul intentionally to use as a super power meanie in the heavenly war!

LaurelAnne Peace: I think that the more souls an Angel claims, they have more power, so he is illegally creating souls, gaining power and then letting the people die.

Alyssa Nikole Wright: He's winning the war through dirty means, and he knows Sam and Dean won't be proud of him for it and they won't like it. After all, he does care what they think of him.

crystalmassingill2: I think he's using souls of heaven to get stronger like demons do.

Do you agree with these fans? Who do you think had the best theory? Don't forget to share your own theory in the comments below!

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