'Supernatural' Spin-off 'Ghostfacers' Premieres Online
'Supernatural' Spin-off 'Ghostfacers' Premieres Online
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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If facing demons and dealing with the apocalypse is just too heavy for you, then perhaps Ghostfacers is the show for you. The team of amateur spook-hunters, who first appeared on Supernatural, has been given their own web series due to popular demand and it kicks off today, in conjunction with Supernatural's 100th episode.
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To refresh your memory, Ghostfacers consist of Ed (A.J. Buckley) and Harry (Travis Wester), the boys from the website Hell Hound's Lair. Both are self proclaimed "professional" paranormal investigators who appear on their so-called reality TV series Ghostfacers, which was featured in the episodes "Hell House," "Ghostfacers," and "It's A Terrible Life." On the web series, Ed and Harry continue their quest for the supernatural, along with Maggie (Supernatural's Brittany Ishibashi), Ed's adopted sister and the team's tech expert, and Kenny the videographer (Life Unexpected's Austin Basis).

In the first episode, the Ghostfacers enlist a new intern to help them when they explore an old Hollywood theater that's haunted by a ghost. It turns out to be the ghost of Janet Myers, a murdered actress, played by Nip/Tuck star Kelly Carlson.

the web series is expected to release two new installments each week for the next four weeks, rounding up the 10-episode order. If you still haven't seen the first installment, you can check it out HERE.

Meanwhile, tells us what you think about the Ghostfacers web series. Did it live up to your expectations? Or was it a huge disappointment?  

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