'Supernatural' Recap: Worst Episode of the Season?
'Supernatural' Recap: Worst Episode of the Season?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Before tonight I would've called "All Dogs Go to Heaven" the worst episode of Supernatural season 6. But now we have a new winner (or loser). "Mannequin 3: The Reckoning" was an epic borefest with little comedy, an ordinary monster of the week and no real purpose. I think the moral was that sometimes life just sucks and you need to accept it. I feel the same way about this episode.

After Sam's Hell scare at the end of the last episode, he comes back intact, but a little shaken. Dean demands that Sam stop digging into his past and that he just buries it all with violence and alcohol.

Dean, however, is a believer in "Do as I say, not as I do," because phone calls from Lisa's number bring back his own past. Midway through an investigation where a vengeful spirit of a missing girl is using mannequins to kill people, Dean answers the phone and learns from Ben that Lisa is in danger.

At Sam's urging, Dean runs back to Lisa, only to find out that she's fine, but going on a date. I really like Lisa, which is why I want Dean to step up and leave her alone. She knows that the life of a girl in love with a hunter is a lonely one that will most likely end abruptly when she gets a phone call that he's dead.

But Lisa isn't the problem, Ben is. He loves Dean and doesn't want him to leave, even trying to guilt Dean into staying by claiming that Dean is abandoning his family because Ben and his mom love Dean like they're related.

Dean leaves anyway, so I can only assume the point was to reinforce the notion that Dean left a big, steaming pile of crap in his wake. Lisa and Ben loved him, but he had to leave. It sucks, but it's the way it has to be.

Meanwhile, back in New Jersey, home of the mannequin madness, Sam gets the full story. The victims and some other factory workers played a practical joke on a dead girl where they tricked her into thinking she had a secret admirer. Are these guys tough factory workers or high school mean girls? It ended badly and she died, so Sam goes to burn her bones. Problem solved.

Except it's not, because it turns out the spirit donated her kidney to her sister. Intellectually, it's kind of cool to think of what happens when vengeful spirits are organ donors, but the result is quite boring. Sam and Dean think of a few possible solutions, but first the haunted kidney possesses the Impala, so Dean's baby starts chasing him and trying to run him over.

During the chaos, the car crashes and the sister gets stabbed and dies, destroying the spirit. It's completely random and ranks up there with "Bugs" in terms of the show's lamest resolutions. Sorry Supernatural fans, but this episode was some of the worst and silliest writing ever.

In the epilogue, Sam and Dean commiserate over the fact that digging into your past is never a good thing. People died, people were hurt and they can't even chalk this one up in the "Win" column. Are you as depressed as I am right now?

Luckily they save the best for the last: the preview for next week's super meta episode where Sam and Dean go to an alternate universe where they're Jared and Jensen, actors who star on a TV show called Supernatural. I need that episode to come right now, because I need to wash this bad taste out of my mouth.

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