'Supernatural' Recap: War, What is He Good For?
'Supernatural' Recap: War, What is He Good For?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
THEN: Lucifer rose, Bobby got shanked, Cas came back from the dead (but really, who hasn't on this show?), and Dean refused to forgive Sam for all of last season.

NOW: Since this episode of Supernatural is one big reunion for some of the great Hunters of seasons past, it's probably best to get reacquainted with who they are and when we last saw them.

Ellen Harvelle: An old Hunter friend of John, the two had a falling out after Ellen's husband, another Hunter, accidentally died.  In Supernatural season 2 the boys told her about John's death and she helped them out throughout the season, finally helping to close the Gate to Hell in the season 2 finale.

Jo Harvelle: Ellen's daughter and another young aspiring Hunter, she helped the boys out and had a bit of a crush on Dean (but really, who doesn't?).  In her final appearance, Dean promised to call her, but she was at least smart enough to know he wouldn't.

Rufus Turner: A former Hunter and old friend of Bobby's, his only appearances involve him handing off info to the Winchesters, such as Bela's location in season 3 and news of more Seals being broken in season 4.

But before we get to the Hunter Reunion, there's the matter of Bobby in a wheelchair.  It turns out stabbing himself has left Bobby paralyzed, but it's no problem because Castiel can just magically heal him, right?

Wrong.  I guess being cast out of Heaven and killing a few angels is enough to get you thrown in the Upstairs Doghouse, so Cas is on his own.  Adding insult to injury, ever since he tattooed the boys' rib cages to keep them hidden from angels, he can only make contact with them by calling Dean on a cell phone.  Let the image of an angel talking on a cell phone sink in for a couple of seconds, and after the laughter has subsided, you may resume.

Cas visits the hospital to let the Winchesters know he has a plan to fight Lucifer, and it involves finding God, literally.  Dean suggests he start by checking out a tortilla in New Mexico, prompting Cas to deliver the best quote of the night: "God is not in a piece of flat bread."

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-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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