'Supernatural' Recap: Invasion of Sam's Body Snatcher
'Supernatural' Recap: Invasion of Sam's Body Snatcher
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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THEN: Sam and Dean were biding their time after Lucifer drop-kicked the bejesus out of them.  Sam also realized he's in desperate need of anger management, but he doesn't really have the time with the whole Apocalypse thing.  Don't you hate when the end of the world gets in the way of your "Me" time

NOW: Supernatural gets off to a funny start when Sam walks up to a bar and asks the "barkeep" to "sell me some alcohol."  After ordering a banana daiquiri (delicious!) the woman next to him starts flirting, as I'm surer any woman would when sitting next to a guy who looks like Jared Padalecki.

She offers to take him home, and he "would love to have the sex" with her.  There's just one problem: Sam's body is currently being occupied by a nerdy teenager.  The show then cuts to 36 hours earlier, which is the most overused storytelling device in TV, but since Supernatural doesn't do it very often, I'll let it slide.  But just this once.

The boys are called in by an old babysitter to find a ghost terrorizing her house.  It's actually a ghost witch killed a long time ago.  Sam and Dean enjoy some fast food and share a strange bonding moment over Sam's obscenely healthy diet.

That night, Sam is walking along and suddenly gets hit by a tranquilizer gun.  The next thing you know, he's waking up dressed as the fast food cashier and the cops bring him back "home" to his "parents."  At this point, Sam has switched bodies with a nerdy teen, and for the ease of recapping, every time I say Sam, I'll be referring to the real Sam trapped in the kids body, and I'll use Gary to describe the kid in Sam's meat suit.

Speaking of Gary, he's busy rubbing his burly new biceps and pecs, enjoying his newfound hotness.  Dean arrives and Gary is skittish, but still manages to cover.  The sad and slightly unbelievable part of this episode is that it takes Dean longer than 10 seconds to figure out his brother isn't really his brother.

They get into the Impala and Gary wants to drive, but he crashes it right away.  I know Dean thinks his brother is a bit of a doofus, but that was sign #6 that Sam isn't himself.

The next morning, Sam wakes up in Gary's house to look around.  He finds advanced chemistry reports (nerd) a Star Wars T-shirt (virgin) and a scarf with a pentagram (Satan-worshipper).  Sam proceeds to act like himself with Gary's parents, which should also raise suspicion.

The moral center of this episode comes when Gary's dad starts talking about the Plan for his son.  Hey, Sam's life is all planned out too, with the whole Lucifer's vessel thing.

Sam goes to school where Gary's nerdy friends Trevor and Nora bother him, but he eventually gets into Gary's locker to find the seriously dangerous book of black magic.

Meanwhile, Gary leads Dean to the grave of the ghost and Gary continues to act like a kid on his first mission.  He tries to shoot Dean, but the ghost stops him, freeing them up for Gary to burn the witch's bones and kill the ghost.  Quickest case ever.

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