'Supernatural' Recap: Fighting Fate by Unsinking the Titanic
'Supernatural' Recap: Fighting Fate by Unsinking the Titanic
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Supernatural fights fate on a regular basis. The Winchester brothers have died and come back so many times that the concept of death has become meaningless. They've stopped the apocalypse and countless other "inevitable" dangers. So it should come as no surprise that the personification of Fate kind of hates them.

In this episode, "My Heart Will Go On," we meet Fate and see a different world where the Titanic never sank, changing plenty of things, both small and large. Fate, who looks a bit like a school librarian in a porno film, is working her way through the ancestors of the survivors of the Titanic, killing them since they shouldn't be alive. Much like the Final Destination movies, Fate concocts wildly elaborate, Rube Goldberg-esque deaths involving mouse traps and golf balls.

A little research reveals that the Titanic didn't sink because the first mate spotted the iceberg. The problem is that the first mate was named I.P. Freeley and looks just like Balthazar. The brothers summon him to learn the truth about what he did, which was all due to the fact that he hated the Celine Dion song "My Heart Will Go On" and can't stand Billy Zane, and unsinking the Titanic was the best way to stop those two things. Now's a good time to look at all the good and bad things to come out of preventing the Titanic tragedy.

The Good

-Things in Cuba worked out nicely and now there's even a Trump casino on the popular American tourist destination.

-Detroit is the best city in America.

-Celine Dion is an unknown lounge singer in Quebec.

-Ellen and Jo are alive, and Ellen is married to Bobby.

The Bad

-Ashton Kutcher is still a movie star.

-Dean isn't driving the Impala.

The boys and Bobby decide that things are better if they can stop Fate, but if I'm being honest, I'm not sure what I'd choose: the Impala or the Harvelles. They're both awesome. I'll let you decide in this week's poll.

With help from Cas, the boys learn that Fate has a big-time grudge against them because of all the ways they've avoided their own fates. To stop her, they set up a sting where Sam and Dean purposefully get into deadly situations to lure her out.

When Fate arrives, everything changes. She is angry that she has no purpose anymore, and whines like a sorority president who doesn't get her way. But she's smart enough to realize that Balthazar didn't unsink the Titanic because of the movie, he did it on Castiel's orders to make 50,000 new souls that the angels could use to fight their civil war, because souls are very valuable.

I wanted to hate this scene because it was a little too heavy-handed on the metaphor and the exposition, but Fate was delightfully great and when Balthazar showed up, I couldn't help but love the scene.

After Fate threatens to kill the boys if Balthazar doesn't fix everything, he does and the Titanic sinks again. Sam and Dean wake up from their "dream" in the Impala listening to Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On." Cas says that the other timeline is erased and only they remember it because Cas wants them to know he chooses freedom over destiny.

However, Cas doesn't tell them the real reason Balthazar unsank the Titanic. As a final parting shot, we learn Dean actually likes the movie, but only because of Kate Winslet's rack. It's always good to end on a boob joke.

Next week on Supernatural: Sam and Dean time travel back to the Old West. Yeehaw, cowboys!

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